Saturday, October 1, 2011

If Ron Paul has lost Barry Manilow, he's lost the nation

From The Daily Caller:

Grammy award-winning musician Barry Manilow says he is not endorsing Republican Rep. Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential election, despite telling The Daily Caller he agrees with “just about everything” Paul says. A representative for the musician says Manilow “loves” President Barack Obama.

“Although I agree with some of what Ron Paul says, I am not actually endorsing him in the 2012 presidential race, nor have I ever told anyone that I was,” Manilow told The Washington Post in a statement.

In 2007, Manilow contributed $2,300 to Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign. He confirmed the donation in an interview with TheDC on Capitol Hill on September 15.

“I think he’s solid,” said Manilow. “I agree with just about everything he says, what can I tell you?”

“He loves his president,” a representative for the artist also told The Washington Post. The Post also reported that Manilow plans to vote for Obama in 2012.

Real quick question...  How in the hell can you "agree with just about everything" Ron Paul says, and still vote for Barack Obama?  You can agree with Ron Paul and vote for Gary Johnson, maybe.  You can agree with everything Jimmy Carter said, and vote for Barack Obama.  The earth won't stop rotating.  
But to agree with just about everything Ron Paul says and vote for Obama?  How is this possible? 
I'm floundering around to come up with a "vegetarians for meat" or "Kosher Nazis" - type of analogy.  I'm failing. 
The mind recoils. 


Rob said...

I always thought Manilow was a liberal twit, but I was willing to think that I was wrong when I saw his comments that he thought Ron Paul was solid and that he agreed with "just about everything" that Dr. Paul says. It seems that my original impression was right after all.

Nick said...

You'll drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out.

Chalk it up to ignorance, stupidity, or cognitive dissonance. It could also be selective listening.

Good post though.

Susan Obijiski said...

Actually, you can listen to both politicians and understand that they have overlap in terms of their beliefs. That doesn't mean they would come at the presidency in the same way. To say that you can't admire or agree with two people who disagree is to ignore the relationships you have in life every day.

I have friends who are liberals and friends who are conservatives. I have friends who are catholic and friends who are Buddhist. That doesn't mean I agree with everything they believe OR that I would approach life exactly as they do. Management style in corporations is very different but you can still get to a goal from a different vantage point. To look at life (or politics) as black or white is to ignore the complexities of life, business, relationships AND political acumen.

Anonymous said...

I think he just realized that he may have had a Dixie Chicks moment. He may support Paul, but his fan base might not.