Monday, October 31, 2011

The People Of Wal-Mart !!!!

In addition to working in freight and shipping, I also supervise an assembly line that produces DVD dump bins for Wal-Mart, probably because my current warehouse had room for the project and nobody else wanted it. 

These things have caused me to miss weekends, birthdays, funerals, dental appointments, and sleep. 
This one has candy signs; others are done for movies.

After I missed my 30-year high school reunion (because of dump bins) I asked everyone in my class to have their picture taken with the dump bin at the Wal-Mart nearest their current residence, post the pic on Facebook, and tag me.

I got a nice flurry of dump bin pics from everywhere.  It was funny for a couple of weeks. 

That was nothing.  My project is now famous all across the U.S.A.!!! 

There's a fun website called The People Of Wal-Mart.  The site celebrates the diversity of Rednecks Backward Americans in all their creative, uninhibited glory.  Hit the link. 

Here's the picture of my DVD bin that made it onto the site. 

I don't know what's so strange about it.  It looks like a perfectly constructed DVD display to me. 

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