Saturday, November 5, 2011

Even within the 99%, there is a 1%

From KDFW:

DALLAS - Protesters in Dallas voted Thursday evening to close down the camp near city hall and relocate somewhere within the Dallas city limits.

Occupy Dallas has been struggling with people in the encampment who are not part of the cause, including some people who have criminal backgrounds.

For example, protesters said someone showed up to the camp this week and pulled a knife on someone. Nobone knew who he was.

Last week a convicted sex offender was arrested at the camp for the sexual assault of 14-year-old runaway and Thursday morning Child Protective Services workers showed up to question a family about staying in a tent with a 9-month-old baby.

And in addition to the bad publicity, the protesters said there are people who have been taking advantage of the movement by sleeping in donated tents and eating donated food.

“I know we’re supposed to be helping the 99 percent, but they need to help us help them by not being a drain on our resources,” said Otto Wagner.

Many protesters are fed up and hope by relocating the camp they can create a system to better monitor themselves.

“We’re not going to have formal sign ins. You’re not going to have to show an ID. You’re basically going to show up, give a name that we’re going to be calling you by,” Wagner said.

Crisis intervention teams will be walking through the camp checking on people’s welfare as temperatures reach near freezing Thursday night.

No further comments necessary on my part.  But here's an entire page of the New York Post:

Some Occupiers are more equal than others.  Let's go ahead and call them The 1%


Dr Ralph said...

These days, anything that's a product of Rupert Murdoch's media empire I consider a work of fiction.

The NY Post? Oh please...

Nick said...

I don't recall anybody being raped at a Tea Party rally.