Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fox News to cancel Freedom Watch !!

Fox Business News Network has announced plans to cancel Judge John Napolitano's Freedom Watch program. 

This is not a good thing. 

With the exception of John Stossel's show, there is no other program on TV devoted to Libertarian issues, and Stossel's program suffers from the same problem as this blog.....How many times and how many ways can you prove that the government is totally screwed before you get tired of the project?  How many wars?  How much debt?  How many drug war prisoners?   How many insane giveways to insiders?  How many illiterate and innumerate high school graduates?  How many generation of a family have to be on welfare?  What is it going to take?   

You've got the Welfare/Warfare Statists on Castro News Network and MSDNC.  You've got the Warfare/Welfare Statists on Fox News.    Napolitano is passionately anti-corporate welfare, anti-military industrial complex, anti-drug war, and anti-nanny state.  He found a home for several years on Fox Business, and has spent the last few months exposing the fundamental silliness of the Mewts and Santorum. 
Well, that explains the parent Fox network cancellation, doesn't it? 

Here's a video of someone discussing the issue with Wayne Allyn Root, the Las Vegas Libertarian oddsmaker.  (John Spivey and I once had a pleasant evening drinking most of the beer that was iced down in Root's hotel suite bathtub.) 

Fox Business has the right to broadcast whatever they choose to broadcast. (Some might say they have some responsibility to show some diverse viewpoints because of government licensing of the airwaves, but that's another conversation for another time.)

However, customers of the network's advertisers, and the suits who sell advertising for Fox need to know that some viewers aren't happy with this decision. Here are the people to contact:

FOX News Digital
Digital Media Sales
1211 Avenue of the Americas, 22 Floor
New York, NY 10036
(212) 301-5473

Fox Business Network
John McCann
VP, Advertising Sales, FBN
(212) 301-5009

Direct Response/Paid Programming Sales
Lisa Bortolato
Director, Direct Response
(212) 301-5418

Political and Issue Advertising
Digital Media Sales
John McCann
VP, Political Advertising Fox News Networks
(212) 301-5009

Email Fox Business at:


ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

The Judge lasted for just over one year which is surprising given his daily revelations of the idiocy on the part of governments in general and the empire in particular. I suspect that Stossel will be the next to get the axe. Yes, we wrote the protesting emails and will DVR Stossel (fast forwarding the commercials of course) but Faux News is now just another leftist echo.

Nick Rowe said...

His show was canceled for poor ratings. Although FNC is ranked #1 among cable news, Fox Business Channel is dead last. The Judge's show didn't fit the business format either.

They also canceled David Asman and Eric Bolling, but the libertarian blogosphere is busy blaming the Illuminati. Or they are saying it's because the Judge said Ron Paul could still win (no, he can't and no, that wasn't the reason).

People are saying Judge Nap was "top rated", but there was talk about canceling his show last October for poor ratings:

The Judge put on a fine program as far as we are concerned, but when you fail in business, you fail. Quality is not a substitute for popularity- just ask PBS. I can't stand O'Reilley, but apparently lots of people like his show. Rush Limbaugh got canceled and so did Glenn Beck.

Judge Nap is going to remain a FNC contributor. The guy's voice hasn't been silenced. He had about 50,000 viewers total, and you guys are two of them.

I've had my favorite shows canceled. Just get over it. There's no reason to start attacking the only network that even tries to give you a national voice.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I'm aware of your points, but showing reruns of previously recorded news shows isn't going to save them that much $$.
But, as stated in the post, it's their network and their money. I'm just hoping that enough people will write in and call in to get them to change their minds.
Hey, look how the Catholic bishops got The Teleprompter Jesus to backpedal on the birth control thing ! And there aren't 50,000 of them, are there? :)

Nick Rowe said...

I hope they change their mind too. I don't usually watch Fox, but when I do, I would like to see quality programming.

The reruns can actually attract large audiences. If you look at the ratings, the late rerun of O'Reilly are ranked in the top 10 cable news shows. It isn't about saving money, but about attracting advertising dollars. Maybe you should have bought more of the products.

Sure, a lot of fan mail can change minds. It worked on SOPA/PIPA, it worked for birth control, but none of the deciders there had any money at stake. Coke brought back classic Coke because New Coke wasn't selling. If Cavuto II wouldn't sell, then that might be a good reason.

But 50,000 viewers? Air America wishes they had those ratings, but Fox Business needs to do better. It's the lowest ranked news network, probably being canibalized by FNC. The entire network might get canceled soon.

I'm not discouraging you from writing, but the scuttlebutt on the internet is getting weird and conspiratorial. The election has a lot of tempers riled.

Why don't people ask the judge why he was canceled? Oh, but if he tells the real reason he will be cut off of his severance payments.

Star Trek was canceled in its third season. The Judge will still be around. Maybe they will find a better format for him. Stossel seems to be doing well. I remember him when he was a local reporter in New York.