Monday, February 6, 2012

Bootleggers and Baptists at the Super Bowl

This was the most inspiring commercial of yesterday's Super Bowl.  It shows Budweiser heroically overcoming the nanny state, bringing the people the Budweiser that they deserve. 

This is a link to a site showing how much money Budweiser has given to "Partnership For A Drug Free America", the liquor lobby's anti-marijuana political action committee.  They spend most of their time lobbying for marijuana prohibition. 

Here's a video of a guy discussing how it all works. 

Hit the "Bootleggers And Baptists" Post Label below for more info on the concept. 
(Budweiser sells a vice.  They are the bootleggers.  "Partnership For A Drug Free America" represents the Baptists.  Both sides need each other for support and funding.)   

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