Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A touching moment from Camelot

For one brief shining moment, that was here in Camelot....

Go here. 

I know that the New York Post isn't the most respected news source.  So go here for the book from which the quotes are taken.  The book is published by Random House. 

Please, please, please remember this one thing when dealing with all things political:  Politicians shouldn't be our "leaders".  They shouldn't be seen as heroes or role models.  They aren't supposed to run the country.  They are ordinary humans just like you and me.   

Barack Obama isn't The Chosen One who will save us all.  George W. Bush wasn't "The Decider".  Ronald Reagan wasn't The Great Communicator.  (Hell, all he did was talk small and spend big.)  Ron Paul has obvious virtues, chief among them a consistent voting record for small government, but he's just a good guy.  Nothing less, but nothing more. 

Politicians aren't the quarterbacks.  They are supposed to be referees for the game.  They should provide some security for the players and fans.  If they want to be cheerleaders, that probably doesn't hurt anything.  But the minute they start designing plays, picking winners and losers, or God help us, trying to run a few plays, they screw up.  We pay the price for their mistakes.  They almost never do.   

YOU are the quarterback. 

Is Washington having to deal with any problems that weren't created by Washington? 

Electing a president should be no more important than choosing a new lawn and garden service.  If it really matters who wins your elections, then your government has gotten too big. 

Here's Richard Harris, now better known as the first guy to play Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies, singing about Camelot.

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