Wednesday, February 15, 2012

God Help Us All ! Obama is now promoting manufacturing jobs !

Barack Obama is now promoting manufacturing jobs.  Hit this link. 

I work for a manufacturing company as their shipping manager.  This is terrifying.  Doesn't he care about my child?  Our investments in our companies?  Our very way of life ????? 

This is the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize, then kept all the current wars going and got us into a few others.  Now he's going to promote manufacturing?  I can already imagine the Manufacturing Shop Bankruptcy Auction notices I'll be getting in the mail. 

We need Barack Obama promoting manufacturing jobs about like we need his Surgeon General and his wife stomping around the country trying to stamp out obesity. 

Barack Obama is the man who has achieved a teen minority unemployment of 48%. 

This is the man who has had to replace 3/4 of his totally failed economic team, but hasn't changed any of their policies !!!  (You can go ahead and cross out Larry Summers on the far left.  Long gone.)  Geithner is supposedly wanting out also, but he knows that Congress wouldn't dream of letting Obama nominate someone else for the job.  Hell, who would he nominate now that Marx is dead and Castro and Hugo Chavez are both ill? 

In an effort to kick-start Detroit, Barack H. Obama destroyed 650,000 cars with his stark raving mad Cash For Clunkers program.  That's the same economic philosophy of the old Soviet factories that made things, melted them down, and then made them some more.  It guaranteed full employment, it destroyed valuable resources, and was stark, raving mad. 

Barack Obama decided to invest your money in Green Energy.  His pet investment, Solyndra, went bankrupt a while back, and they just pulled the plug on LightSquared. 

Did Barack Obama inherit a bad economy?  Yeah, but at this point, most of us are sick and tired of Obama talking about what he inherited.  There are entire families of Rockefellers and Hiltons and Vanderbilts who don't talk about what they inherited as much as Obama has. 

Barack Obama tried to help the economy by ladling out pork to donors at unprecedented levels, $650 billion worth.  Call it the stimulus plan, the porkulus plan, whatever.  It didn't work.  Hell, he could have mailed out $6,500.00 checks to the 100 million households in America and at least gotten a political bounce out of it.  But no, it went to cronies and pet projects that Democrats had wanted to get under the Christmas tree for a long, long time.  I challenge you to name a half-dozen of those projects that an impartial jury would declare successful.  No fair Googling.  If someone spent $650 billion for your benefit, you should be able to remember something to brag about. 

Barack Obama presided over our downgrade from AAA to AA+.  Most presidents would spend the rest of their term hiding out in the Rose Garden, but Obama is out there trying to help manufacturing !!!!!

Do I need to mention "Recovery Summer"?  Way back there in 2010?  Do you feel better now?  Recovered? 

Please, Barack, stay at the house.  I apologize for dragging your wife into this at the top, but hell, she doesn't know what she's talking about.  You don't either.  Admit it.  Please stay home.  You've got two beautiful daughters who need you, just like I need my job.  I like manufacturing. 

We have a lot of competition from overseas, and but we don't need any protectionist legislation or goofy new tax schemes coming from Washington during your administration.  The last thing we need right now is your help. 

There's an old handyman/manufacturing/contracting poster that goes something like this....

Our rates are....

$50.00 per hour

$75.00 per hour if you watch

$100.00 per hour if you help

$150.00 per hour if you did the job, then called us to fix it

Our great-grandchildren will be fixing your "job" for a long time. 

Please, please, please, don't promote manufacturing.  I'm begging. 


CenTexTim said...

Now, now ... he's from the government, and he's here to help.

It's just like your previous post about the Food Police and the lunch boxes of four-year-olds. Who knows better - the government, or the kids' mothers?

Nick Rowe said...

Incompetence is a job qualification in Zero's administration.

Manufacturing is one of the sectors leading the recovery, so his emphasis is just credit taking for things he didn't do. But he's also pandering to the rust belt for the election.

Whenever I'm told Obama inherited a recession and fiscal crisis, I'm reminded that he supported every government program that led to this recession and crisis. He was the top recipient of campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Goldman Sachs, and labor unions.

Dave K said...

Since he possesses the Manure Touch(As opposed to the Midas Touch), I can only assume manufacturing employment will decline.

Manufacturing jobs are only about 400K above the bottom that occurred two years ago.

Once upon a time, manufacturing was one of the first sectors to rebound after a recession. That hasn't happened since the end of the recession of the early 80's.

This graph that shows the number of jobs in the manufacturing sector going back 70 years is striking.

Not unexpectedly, the labor force participation rate for men tracks that trend pretty well.

Nick is right, he's just going around trying to pander to blue collar voters. He doesn't care about manufacturing jobs, he just knows that many lower and middle class people do.