Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well done, sir. Well done.

Mission Accomplished, Team Obama !!!

From The Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Obama plans soon to introduce his energy and environment team, which will include Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Chu as energy secretary and former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Carol Browner as White House energy adviser.

The team's makeup shows that Mr. Obama plans to put a heavy emphasis on combating climate change and promoting technologies to wean the U.S. off imported oil. He is packaging such priorities as a way to boost employment and help the economy by pouring money into efficiency projects.

.But the next administration will face a range of obstacles on the energy front, from plummeting oil prices and a declining economy to potential rifts among Mr. Obama's own advisers.

In a sign of one major internal difference, Mr. Chu has called for gradually ramping up gasoline taxes over 15 years to coax consumers into buying more-efficient cars and living in neighborhoods closer to work.

"Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe," Mr. Chu, who directs the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal in September.
Well done, Mr. Chu.  Well done ! 

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Fester said...

If the government thinks gas prices should be higher, then they should stop using the military as the oil companies personal security force. If the oil companies were responsible for their own protection on land and in the water, oil prices would likely rise. I also believe they get loads of other subsidies, stop giving those to big oil, and then they can forget about taxes.