Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Daily Paul on Gary Johnson

Someone at The Daily Paul, one of the many unofficial Ron Paul websites, has done an interesting compare/contrast piece on The Good Doctor and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. 

Johnson is now seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for president.  Here goes:

For a while now, Gary Johnson supporters have been pointing out one simple fact: even as a Republican, the media had completely blacked Gary Johnson out, even worse than what they did for the iconic Ron Paul. Now, after pondering that fact, I think I know why.

Gary Johnson, being so similar to Ron Paul, is a "second witness" to the political truths that Ron Paul expresses. Worse, he is evidence that those truths work.

Gary Johnson, as a libertarian-leaning Republican, ousted incumbant governor of New Mexico by a significant margin (at least 40% more than his opponent) in a state with a heavy Democrat voting population (2-1). This by itself doesn't prove much, but then he got reelected against a hispanic Democrat by a similarly significant margin, being the first NM governor in years to be elected a second consecutive term ever; in New Mexico, there was a law holding term limits to 1. That had changed in 1991, 2 years before Johnson was elected.

This is evidence that a libertarian-leaning Republican can easily compete and win against multiple establishment opponents. This record proves that freedom -- libertarianism -- is indeed popular. If Gary Johnson did it in New Mexico, Ron Paul can do it nation-wide.

While in office, Gary Johnson vetoed so many bills, and line item vetoed even more that he earned a nickname, "Governor Veto." Anytime someone approached him with a bill, he'd ask if government should be involved with that to begin with. Through cutting costs, he succeeded in balancing the budget, even as he cut taxes. He left NM with a surplus. I'm sure that if he had proposed a bill to get rid of the imposed term limits, he could have stayed in the office longer than 8 years.

Gary Johnson did this completely independent of Ron Paul. He was not a "Ron Paul Republican" following the footsteps of his hero. He probably didn't even know he was a libertarian. He just wanted to bring common sense to the governor's chair

Do you see how dangerous this story is to those trying to block Ron Paul out?

Hit the link at the top to read the whole thing. 

I don't believe that there is an organized conspiracy trying to block out Ron Paul or Gary Johnson or anyone else trying to reduce the size of the government machine.  Republican party muckety-mucks and Mainstream Media Munchkins have become so fascinated with their access to power that they can't imagine that power being diluted without it hurting themselves.  They're simply responding to market forces by looking out for their own interests.   

Think about it....If you've spent 20 years cultivating a relationship with John Boehner, either as a Republican party supporter or as a media member, you don't want to see your investment downgraded. 

If a Ron Paul or a Gary Johnson ever win the presidency and if Libertarians ever get control of Congress, think of the miles and miles of abandoned housing and office space that would surround Washington D.C.....there simply wouldn't be a demand for it.  Not much work would be going on there. 

For D.C. residents and workers, opposing this doesn't require a conspiracy. 

The fantasy picture of a post-libertarian D.C. suburb came from here. 
The picture of the Libertarian Party's fantasy ticket for 2012 came from here. 

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Ultimate Vindicator said...

I will take a president that "vetos" all the pork out of legislation any and everyday. Gary Johnson has a proven track record of fiscal conservatism. This appeals to Republicans who feel disenfranchised. Johnson's forward thinking on legalizing drugs will appeal to the Democrats who feel let down by Obama. He is really the ideal candidate at the precise time when we need him.