Sunday, July 22, 2012

Iowahawk: You didn't build that

Iowahawk has sat down at his laptop and created a masterpiece
Of course he had help from his high school teachers, the people who paid private companies to build the roads and bridges and then gave those companies taxpayer money, he had help from the Department Of Motor Vehicles, some V.A. Hospitals, the General Accounting Office, the Department Of Health and Human Services, the people who wrote the latest Farm Bill, Cash For Clunkers, TARP, The Porkulus Package, the people making a fortune off of the Drug War, and the ATF people who send teenagers who look like adults into my favorite bar and try to trick the bartenders into selling them a drink so they can bust the bartender and fine the bar owner. 
Iowahawk had help from all of those people, but hit this link anyway.  Good stuff. 

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