Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bring Them Home

Here's the print that our Narcissist In Chief is peddling on his campaign site.

I'm not the first person to notice the similarities to another image that's been in the media lately. Here are the hand prints of our Libyan embassy staff.
Way to go with that "Smart Diplomacy", guys. 

What in the hell made anyone think Bill Clinton's wife would be any better at representing us and keeping a lid on this mess than, say, Sarah Palin's husband??  Four years working from a safe Congressional seat in upstate New York???  Sitting through HillaryCare meetings?  Making up fantasies about running across Serbian airfields under fire (along with the comedian Sinbad and Chelsea and some random singers?)

Don't bother praying for the troops. 
Don't go to the hassle of putting a yellow ribbon sticker on your car. 
Discontinue your practice of going nuts every time an army reserve unit unrolls a giant USA flag before a NFL or MLB game. 

If you really want to support the troops, vote Libertarian.
We'll get their feet back underneath their Mamas' tables. 
We are the only party that wants to bring the troops home NOW. 

We have no business over there.  We're making things worse.  If you had to get past Chinese checkpoints and barracks to get home from work, you might be bombing attacking some embassies yourself. 

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