Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why are journalists so liberal?

Why are journalists so liberal?

(For readers in the UK and elsewhere, I'm using the word "liberal" in the American sense, meaning that they generally support turning over the economy, education, healthcare and self-protection over to charismatic social-climbers who can win elections.) 

Why are journalists so liberal? 

They aren't.  Governments are. 

I've had a glorious time for the last couple of months supporting a trio of candidates for our local River/Water Development Board.  In my mind, the opposing sides couldn't be more starkly divided.  Our opponents are planning to take over a lot of land via Eminent Domain and make sweetheart deals with developers.  If past history is any guide, there will be plenty of no-bid contracts.  There will be restaurants and apartment buildings built INSIDE the flood plain.  There's a project we call "Lake Granger" that is so far over budget that....hell, I give up.  Go here to read about the condition of the project three years ago.  No idea how much they've blown so far, but it's huge.  The project manager, JD Granger, is the son of congresswoman Kay Granger.  He's a former Assistant D.A. and his previous project management experience was a science project in the 9th grade.   

In the meantime, the river water isn't fit for recreation, much less drinking, and the government won't allow you to eat any fish caught in the river. 

The candidates that I've been supporting just want to provide plenty of drinkable water, populated with fish that won't kill you.  They want to honor property rights.  That's it. 

The local journalists at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram overwhelmingly support the land thefts and the bloated make-work projects.  Go figure. 

But think about it....  Governments get themselves elected by giving out gifts.  It's what they do.  And sometimes, that's exciting.  The group of Barking Seals currently on the water board have already opened up a Flood Control BBQ joint, and there are plans for a Flood Control Drive-In Movie Theatre.  Fun, fun, fun.  Their supporters include most of the major engineering firms that will be involved in the boondoggle. 

Which group would you prefer to write about?  The happy-happy party crowd, slipping their Bar Tabs into the diapers of the infants?  Or the puritans who just want a clean river? 

Hey, guys, I'm trying to write a story.  Can you tell me anything about your big plans? 
Nope.  We're not going to do much.  Just keep human feces out of the Trinity River. 
Oh.... Never mind. 

Plus, the big-spending incumbents are already on speed-dial. 

And that is why journalists are generally liberal. 


Anonymous said...

they are not journalists the liberal media is the propaganda arm of the Democrat party

Tudor said...

The question surely is, why are the two main "right-wing" parties in the US so liberal?

I mean, one party talks all hard, but the moment their friends in the Banking Industry needed a bail-out on an _incredible_ scale....

And there's your answer why the media is so liberal-minded...

Dr Ralph said...

In repeated readings of the glossy mailers from the so-called "BNK" bloc that flooded my mailbox I was not able to find a single mention of anything that could remotely be considered a professional qualification for any of the trio, much less *anything* about them - including a photo of any of them. They could all be feral hogs for all I know.

Of course, your ringing endorsement of them sealed the deal as far as I was concerned, which is why I voted for their opponents.

As far as the whole eminent domain deal goes, football stadiums are one thing, but if providing for the water needs of Tarrant County isn't a clear case for why the eminent domain stature is on the books then I don't know one.

By the way, how green is *your* lawn?

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I'll start at the bottom and go to the top.
I'm a former rice farmer. For ten years, my goal was to kill grass. I don't understand the point of green lawns. I don't even understand the point you're trying to make. the the rest.
One candidate is a meteorologist. One is a surveyor. Mary Kelleher, the lady who won!!!!, is just a pissed off citizen who got tired of an unresponsive water board, and who got tired of black helicopters landing on her property (IN ARLINGTON) without permission. I'll put those resumes against those of the Barking Seals any day.

An astounding percentage of the "work" done by the TRWD has nothing to do with ensuring a safe water supply. It's about rewarding cronies.
Been to the Coyote Drive-In yet? Can anyone, anywhere, tell me what that boondoggle (created for the sole purpose of relieving Carl Bell of an unwanted parking lot) has to do with a secure water supply?
I've wasted plenty of breath elsewhere on the no-bid Flood Control BBQ joint.

Regarding the lack of photos... check out what I said about "charismatic social-climbers". Most of the time, that rant goes "charismatic, photogenic, social-climbers". I don't care what they look like, as long as they stop blowing money. The Lake Granger budget has gone from 300 million to more than a billion.

They're going to bulldoze Lukeman's photography soon, partly because you voted for the land-grabbers. Why are they bulldozing it? They want to develop the land on the riverbanks. That money won't go to you, or me. It will go to their friends.

Sleep well!!!

Dr Ralph said...

Since (you claim) the primary job of the Water Board is rewarding cronies, which crony will Ms. Kelleher be rewarding? The Dallas landowner who bankrolled her campaign?

Regarding qualifications - so why, in NONE of their mailers did any of this trio share the information you have provided?

Now that you are a professional political operative I take your rants with more than a grain of salt, since you're no longer an unbiased observer. That's no condemnation, just a statement of fact.

Dr Ralph said...

PS - have you seen Ms Kelleher's opponents? Hardly what I'd call photogenic.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

The Dark Side was funded by every engineering firm, every "consulting" group, and hanger-on that will likely profit from the Trinity Uptown project.

We learned that Eminent Domain didn't resonate with voters. Neither did Bar Tabs From Hell at the Silver Fox restaurant. What resonated were clean water and edible fish. Plus, nobody liked them having a private deer hunting lease in Jack County. So that's what we pushed, and that's how Mary Kelleher won.

I trust that Mrs. Kelleher will attempt to reward her donors by letting them keep what is theirs. I can't promise you that, but that's what I hope can happen. There's no way to be sure, but I hope they get to keep what's theirs. However, and I'll bet you $100.00 if you're up for it, that The Dark Side will reward many of their donors with what is yours.

Are you up for that wager?

We've had this conversation a dozen times, and I don't understand what's so hard to figure out about it.

BTW, do you know the difference between Jerry Jones's stadium thefts and the Trinity Uptown thefts?

Dr Ralph said...

I believe it was you, not I, who said, "Governments get themselves elected by giving out gifts," and "the 'work' done by the TRWD has nothing to do with ensuring a safe water supply. It's about rewarding cronies."

After all the years of arguing no government or politician is to be trusted, now you want me to believe "your" candidate is somehow different.

Why should I?

You are starting to sound a lot like all the other politicians you've warned us about in the past.

PS - What we've had a hundred times were not conversations, they were monologues. It's a lot like having a "conversation" with a fundamentalist.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Ok, so I'll take it that you're not up to the wager.

But do you know the difference between your candidates' Trinity Uptown project and Jerry World???

Dr Ralph said...

Sorry, Mitt. Since I consider the whole framing of this "wager" as completely fallacious, I'll believe I'll give it a pass. I doubt we'd agree on conditions.

Time for me to unbookmark the echo chamber.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Echo chamber? It's just you and me, sir !!
Are you saying that you don't know the difference between these two "public/private" (ahem) partnerships???

CenTexTim said...

I've been following this exchange with interest. Not having a dog in the fight makes it both enjoyable and frustrating - enjoyable because it's always fun watching two evenly matched fighters beat each other up, and frustrating because I'm not knowledgeable about the issues.

But I'm dying to know - what is difference between the Trinity Uptown project and Jerry World? One's dry and the other's wet? One has a retractable roof and the other doesn't?

Inquiring minds want to know...

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I don't know of any difference between the two acts of thievery.

I was just wondering if Dr Ralph could distinguish the two for me.