Monday, November 18, 2013

Frank Zappa on "Having A Strong Military"

Here's rocker Frank Zappa on the need for a strong military.  Or not. 

And here's some Zappa vs The U.S. Senate.  The Goracle shows up around the 7:00 minute mark.  (His ex-wife, Tipper, was a Zappa enemy, and was probably responsible for this show trial.) 


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pacificwaters said...

Frank got it wrong.The SCOTUS, in its infinite wisdom, in concurrence with Nancy Pelosi has declared that the we DON"T have the right to buy what we want, the right to grow what we want (and I'm not talking about pot or coca) or even the right to not be forced to sell another. We now fins we must purchase insurance that is priced above what we previously have, we cant grow crops even for our personal use if the government says no and we must sell our property to a private developer to whether we want to or not.