Friday, November 8, 2013

Why The Libertarian Party Has So Many Ballot Access Problems

Skullduggery is underway in Ohio to keep the Libertarian Party off the ballot. 

In 2012, we had to find a Texan named Gary Johnson so that our presidential candidate named Gary Johnson could be on the ballot.  (That's a long, tiresome story that you wouldn't bother reading if I wrote it.) 

Baptist preachers can get on the ballot in Saudi Arabia easier than a Libertarian can get on the ballot in Oklahoma. 

Here's the simplest explanation, courtesy of somebody on Libertarian Reddit. 

I'm recruiting Tarrant County candidates until the December 9th deadline.  Every one of them will be on the ballot. 

God Bless Texas !! 


Anonymous said...

Libertarians take votes away from Republicans only. No Democrat would ever go Libertarian.

People's exhibit No. 1 - the recent gubernatorial race in Virginia. Enough people voted Libertarian and PRESTO! a Democrat was elected.

Way to go Libers.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Sir (IMHO almost all anonymous commenters are male),

I don't know why you think those votes belonged to Republicans. Or Democrats.
I don't know why you perceive a significant difference between Republicans/Democrats.
Romney invented ObamaCare.

But to your point.... Nobody knows who these voters would've voted for had Sarvis not been in the race. In my case, I probably would've stayed home. Ken Cuccinelli? Seriously? Sheesh.