Saturday, March 22, 2008

Luckiest Man in the Race

Luckiest Man in the Race, says Fred Barnes about John McCain.

Many Republicans, heck, MOST Republicans can't wait to watch the glorious mess that will be the Democratic Convention.

Obama will be armed with the higher delegate count and popular vote.

The Clintons will be armed with their whiteness, and perhaps some polling data showing that they have the best shot at defeating John McCain.

I had planned on blocking off massive swaths of time to watch the fight. Now I'm starting to worry.

One of the underlying themes of Black Rage (see Reverend Wright's sermons) is that no matter how well an African American works or performs, white people are waiting to take away his accomplishment. True or not, that's the perception. Well, guess what.....No matter how well Obama performs, The Clintons are waiting to take away his accomplishment.

There is no way, no way in hell, that The Clintons can win if they play by the rules.

So....Can you seriously imagine Mike Huckabee offering John McCain a V.P. slot when there was no way Huckabee could pass McCain in delegates?

The Clintons claim that Obama hasn't been "vetted". The idea being that The Clintons have been thoroughly vetted, and there's no new dirt waiting to be discovered.

As if we couldn't take care of a landfill already. But let's see....there's the funding for the Clinton Library. Bill has been hanging out with a rotating cast of bizarre Russian Uranium magnates.

Then there are the records of Hillary's role (if there was a role) during Bill's presidency. They're supposedly too sensitive for us to see. She claims to have been a Kissinger, but may have only been an Eisenhower. (That's Mamie Eisenhower, not Dwight.)

That's what is going on with the Democrats. And the subtext is as follows: You really aren't going to put a black family in The WHITE House, are you? Sure, we've talked about equal rights and equal opportunity, but that was meant as empty rhetoric, and you know it. Get real, people.

The Superdelegate Concept was put in place to help the Democratic Party avoid situations like....this one. The superdelegates were supposed to be above it all, the impartial elders who would step in and restore calm and order if the party got carried away with irrational enthusiasm for unelectable black candidates or candidates not named Clinton.

You're about to see Superdelegates bought and sold like Twenty Dollar Crack Whores.

The Superdelegates, like most ideas put forward by the Democratic, I'm not going to go there. I'm friends with too many Democrats.

As of March 4th, if someone takes the Presidency away from Barack Obama, that someone should be named John McCain. It will be perceived as an honest election and a fair fight.

But if The Clintons find some underhanded way to deny Obama his right to continue fighting at this stage of the process, I will be angry. Maybe furious.

And I'm white.

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