Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hillary On The Night Shift

From ABC News website, on Hillary Clinton's strategy in blue collar states:

She aggressively targeted blue collar and low-income voters, hammering her message that she will fight for them.
"You notice as she campaigns that she drops the ending of words, and becomes 'we're working people,'"
said Peri Arnold, a professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. "She becomes sort of Rosie-on-the-night-shift and stylistically she becomes very attractive to these voters."
....Hillary got out of her pickup with her lunchbox and welding hood.
"Yo. Wassup, wassup," she said to the guys waiting in line to clock in, paying particular attention to the Superdelegates.
"Ready for a long night?" asked Jose, the night shift foreman.
Hillary nodded, reaching into the pocket of her bright yellow pantsuit for her I.D. badge. "I gotta believe I got a unique set of experiences an' qualifications to be ready on Day One. Yep. Gonna git her done."

Jose was relieved. A week earlier, when he'd asked her about not arriving to work on time, she'd answered "Jose, I'm not gonna give ya any B.S. Ya know, me an Chelsea were coming in from the airport? An' the snipers were worse than I ever seen 'em? An we had to run cross that tarmac? with all our work crap? an' this little girl wanted me to stop? and get flowers?...."

Jose was grateful that Hillary's airport episode had been overlooked. If word got out about sniper delusions and airport fantasies, the other employees wouldn't trust Hillary to run the grinders, much less the heavy equipment. Except for, perhaps, some of the diehard Democrats who were accustomed to such stories.

"Whatcha got me workin' on tonight?" Hillary asked. "Cause I been lookin' forward to workin' for you, the Merrican people." Hillary took off her New York Yankees cap, underneath which was a Arkansas Razorbacks cap. Which covered the top of a Chicago Cubs hoodie.

"I don't know," Jose answered. "How much help would you need if you worked on the Healthcare project?"

Hillary cleared her throat and set down her lunchbox so she could dig out a wedgie. "I got the experience an' the gumption to make sure nothin' happens again like that uninsured woman who died because a' no insurance. I'm takin' a personal inerst in it. If we gotta fix Healthcare and give the Merrican people the healthcare and stuff they got comin', I'll work tirelessly to..."

"Hillary," Jose said again, "Just answer me. How much help will you need?"

"Glad you had the cajones to ask, Jose," Hillary said. "Me and Bill was talkin' that over when I got in last night. If you was to put me in the leadership position I deserve, and gimme your support, we could run out the lobbyists and since you done helped me find my voice, I'm gonna..."

"Hillary, how much help will you need?"

"It Takes A Village," she said.


old hack said...

If Obama wins he's gonna turn America into a nuclear wasteland.

If Hillary wins she's gonna empty out the social security fund.

If McCain wins we're going to launch our next phase of WW3.

Either vote for Mike Gravel and the National Initiative or you're endorsing a broke Nuclear War for your children to suffer under.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I'm glad I don't share your optimism level.
1) If anyone was going to turn this into a nuclear wasteland, it was Kennedy, who everyone forget ran for election as a Cold Warrior. He came very close during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
2) The Social Security Fund is already empty. Gone. Spoken For. It's as empty as the tomb in Galilee.
3) I think that McCain, of all people, knows how to be cautious about going to war.

I'm just beginning to read up on Mr. Gravel. Interesting guy.

Thanks for commenting.