Friday, May 9, 2008

The Texas Sinkhole

People are coming to this site looking for pictures of the famous Texas Sinkhole, an unnatural phenomena caused by allowing a particular industry to run rampant in a small space, sucking in houses, trees, yards, vehicles, and every other resource in the area.

The bad news is, this thing will continue to grow unless we petition our government to stop Eminent Domain abuse.


Anonymous said...

zbeth says:
You were certainly busy during the past 24 hours.
About Hilary. I really can't understand the sniper story. Why?

johnhspivey said...

The new Texas Stadium really tests my Libertarian mettle... My back story: I LOVE the Cowboys. I mean, really stupid about the Cowboys. I live and die by if Jessica Simpson shows up at a game... that kind of Cowboy fan. Been a fan since I was 6.

I also think a huge monument to the greatness of the Cowboys SHOULD be erected. Something big and shiny - a football Mecca. But man, I also hate eminent domain abuse, Sales Tax deals and everything else that was manipulated to build this gleaming temple. Will it keep me from going to a game if I get corporate tickets or a suite? Honestly? No.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Dear Zbeth, whose presence on these pages I always welcome, but who sees my entire blog as one big bulletin board, posting comments on whichever topic suits her fancy....

I don't know why you can't understand the Hillary's sniper story. She wanted to sound more heroic and take more credit than she was due for Foreign Policy during Bill's administration. So she made up a story (that she told multiple times to multiple crowds) about flying into Bosnia and having to land while sitting on flak jackets, and running across the tarmac because of possible sniper fire, and people in the White House used to say that "If it's too dangerous for Bill, send the First Lady."

Oh, and Chelsea, the comedian known as Sinbad, and pop singer Sheryl Crow were all with her.

She simply made it all up out of nothing. Had a conservative Republican told the same story, he/she woulda been instantly doomed. There was a lot of media coverage on this with Hillary, but not enough to sink her campaign.

I haven't been a Cowboy lover since Jerry fired Jimmy. I haven't been a Texas Ranger lover since the strike/lockout of the 1990's. (It almost killed a retail thing I was doing at the time.) Vendors take me to see both teams all the time, but I refuse to spend a dime of my own money at either place.
Some people might say it's hypocritical to continue showing up there and allowing other people's money to be spent on me.
Well, that's why this blog is called The Whited Sepulchre.

I've probably referenced this before, but David Cay Johnston has written a great book called "Free Lunch". It has a chapter on G.W. Bush Socializing The Risk and Privatizing The Profits at the Ballpark in Arlington.