Sunday, May 4, 2008

John Hagee, The Roman Catholic Church, The Antichrist, Hitler, The Holocaust, (all on one convenient chart)

Here's John McCain's latest bear to cross, or cross to bear, depending on your theological perspective.
McCain fell all over himself accepting this guy's endorsement several weeks ago.
Here is Reverend John Hagee, explaining that the anti-christ (in the form of his spiritual ancestors in Rome) is the Catholic Church.

Hagee references "the cup", from The Book of Revelation, traditionally interpreted as a cup of suffering. Notice where his pointer is aimed when he first talks about The Cup. I'm no expert, put I think that's a Double-D cup.

I spewed Gatorade all over the table when he did that.

I think Hagee and Jeremiah Wright will soon put together a vaudeville-style tour, where they'll bring their theological wisdom to bear on the great issues of the day.

Hagee does make a somewhat valid point, if you're a scriptural literalist. Hitler was only continuing a persecution that the church started; after Hitler, God will continue to punish those who don't believe, and it will be for worse and for a much longer period of time than anything The Inquisition of The Nazis could accomplish.

Please discuss amongst yourselves....

If the John Hagee tempest in a teaCUP continues to gain traction, you'll soon see feature stories on the Protestant difficulties with Roman Catholic doctrine.
Among these will be the Catholic emphasis on Church Tradition.
The Protestants will say that Christianity should only focus on what is revealed in scripture, not tradition.
The Catholics will respond with "How do you know what is and isn't scripture?"
The Protestants will shuffle their feet, cough, and respond with "Unhhhh....Catholic Tradition?"

These arguments, charts, and doctrines about Saint John's Acid Trip In The Book Of Revelation will have an impact on our choice of Next Leader For The Free World.
And so it goes.
To read an update on the McCain/Hagee Strange Bedfellows situation, click here.


Patrick said...

While I don't think it is appropriate for different Christian denominations to attack each other, I have to say that I have heard far worse things about Protestants coming from the mouths of Catholics.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

As always, thanks for chiming in.

This is something Freud called "The Pathology of Small Differences". There isn't that much difference between the two groups, but guess who they vent the most about? Hindus? Buddhists? Nope.

Other people inside the same tent who are competing for the same $$$.

breakerslion said...

Looks like someone went crying to You-Tube. "Video no longer available"

Why do people give money to these looneys?

Skeptico said...

At least he doesn't think Hitler was inspired by Darwin.

Anonymous said...

Thought this video might be of interest...