Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's Not How Well They Bowl Or Drink

My little sister, Dr. Amy Cooper, has once again made it onto the Fort Wort Star-Telegram's editorial page.

Click here to go to the Star-Telegram's site, and read "It's Not How Well They Bowl Or Drink".
Or you can click here, just in case they ever take the link down, like they did with her previous one.

In this wonderfully written editorial, Amy marvels that the next leader of the free world might be chosen because of his bowling ability or lack thereof. Hillary's barroom shot of Crown Royal is also ridiculed.

I'd give almost anything for our (now deceased) father to be able to read this essay.

I can't remember which of her "two white grandmothers" used to iron out used aluminum foil to reuse it, but I don't doubt the story. I don't remember seeing an Obama sign in her yard, but it apparently didn't last very long.

If they put a Hillary sign in their yard, I'll make sure that one doesn't last long either.

Amy also displays an impressive knowledge of Brazilian and Argentine iron ore pricing. You'd think she married someone in the metal business.

It's all good stuff. Since I started blogging, she's been on the editorial page twice and I've only made it once. (She's on the Community Columnist Panel.) Not that we're competitive or anything.

I can beat her at Bowling and Drinking.


subadei said...

Indeed, an excellent editorial. Editorial talent would seem to be a family trait. You've both got it in spades.
I'm reminded of a report I heard today regarding a small village in Guam where each candidate had a campaign tent set up, serving food. Obama's tent served better food and so the majority went with him. Beer, bowling and barbecue. God save us all.

Odd thing, politics. We go decades with Guam being not much more than a token addition to the primary process and then suddenly, one year, it matters. IIRC, Obama and Clinton split the votes there.

I don't have a little sister. But I do have a little brother. He's twenty pounds heavier than me but I can still stick him in an arm wrestling match. Not that we're competitive or anything.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

This has got to be the most bizarre election cycle anyone has seen.

Jonathan Swift's scene in Gulliver's Travels where the politicians were chosen based on their ability to "jump through hoops" comes to mind.