Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Carnival Of The Libertarians, #8 & #9, send posts to Hell's Handmaiden and Dodgeblogium

I run something called "Carnival Of The Libertarians". It's a blog carnival, which is a travelling collection of blog posts on a particular topic. People from all over submit their favorite posts to the host sites. Mine started at this site, gained some steam, and now I've sent it off to make its way in the world.

When I hosted it, the end result looked like this.

Here's what they did with it for the current issue at Wench Wisdom.

Judy at Consent Of The Governed did a double-back-flip, triple-spiral somersault with a perfect landing. Judy gave us additional commentary. She threw in pictures and logos. Judy is an over-achiever.

John at Hell's Handmaiden will be hosting the next edition May 11th, but there haven't been many submissions yet. I can promise you he's going to post anything you send him on seperation of church and state, or freedom of religion, or freedom from religion, or freedom and religion.

And if you have anything else for John on the subject of smaller government, human rights, 2nd amendment issues, free markets, or anything else that fits underneath the libertarian umbrella, submit a link to your post by clicking here.

After that, on May 25th COTL travels to the site of Mr. Andrew Ian Dodge - Dodgeblogium - where Mr. Dodge "combines a taste for heavy metal music with heavy metal politics". Mr. Dodge apparently jumps back and forth between the U.S. and London. If he's in London when the Carnival posts, we will have gone international.

Back in January, I wrote an admiring post about a British politician named Boris Johnson, a semi-libertarian candidate for Mayor of London. Turns out, Mr. Andrew Ian Dodge knows Mr. Boris Johnson, and has spent quite a bit of time with him. Click here for the Dodgeblogium dissection of Mr. Johnson's opponent. Worth reading, even if you can't vote there. Final results of this mayoral election to be announced this Friday, I believe.

You can use the same link (above) to submit your posts when Dodgeblogium is the host site. You'll have to wait until after May 11th. But you've got at least a dozen things you'd like to see linked on these sites, don't you? So send John a batch to read now, and send Andrew a batch after the 11th. These are good people and good writers. Can't wait to see what they do with it.

-P.S. Go Boris. Defeat the socialist.

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