Friday, May 2, 2008

The Empire Strikes Barack Obama

I love this video.
I repeat, I love this video.
If you don't laugh out loud at least three times during this video, you're beyond hope.
If you don't laugh when Howard Dean makes an appearance, you probably voted for him.
I love being alive these days.

Obama is the only viable candidate who isn't pandering with the idea of a tax cutback on gasoline for the summer months. The Clintons and my homeboy John McCain claim to be in favor of it.
I'm generally in favor of lower taxes on just about everything. But if the idea is for us to consume less because the supply is dwindling....aren't McCain and the Hildebeast being illogical?

This has taken some courage on Obama's part. But not nearly as much courage as was required to face Lord Vapid in this movie trailer.


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Patrick said...

Thanks for the link to that video, it was really entertaining.