Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Barack Obama & Jeremiah Wright Conspiracy Theory

Take a look at this, this, and this. They're all editorials that ask why Barack Obama took so long to disown Reverend Jeremiah Wright. I believe they all come to the wrong conclusions.

Consider this as a conspiracy theory. Nothing more than a theory. How well do you think it holds up?

1) Obama has been a member of Jeremiah Wright's church for two decades. Wright is, by all accounts, the reason Obama became a Christian. Wright baptized both of the Obama daughters. They're buddies. They're both very smart men. But they have a problem. See #2.

2) Jeremiah Wright occasionally went off on anti-American, anti-White, and anti-Semitic diatribes from the pulpit. It's part of the expected liturgy in some black churches. This wasn't a big deal for a local Chicago politician, an Illinois state senator, or even a Senator from Illinois. It's a huge problem for a potential President Of The United States. But Obama can't disown Wright. They've known each other for too long.

3) Obama begins distancing himself from Jeremiah Wright at the very beginning of the election, and won't let Wright appear on the platform during the announcement of his candidacy. Obama can distance himself from Wright, but he can't disown him.

4) The Youtube videos (Wright Goddaming America, stating that our government infected blacks with Aids, etc.) hit a nationwide audience. Obama probably wishes he'd become a suburban Episcopalian. He can't disown Wright.

5) Damage control begins. Wright is referred to as an "eccentric uncle".

6) Damage control fails. Obama gives his "Race In America" speech, to wide acclaim. Obama says he can't disown Wright any more than he can disown the Black Community. At this point, he really can't.

7) The issue still won't go away. Jeremiah Wright isn't heard from. Obama still won't disown Wright. It would make him look like a flip-flopper.

8) Talk Radio and The Clintons see to it that Jeremiah Wright stays in the discussion. Something must be done. But Obama can't possibly disown Wright. He's waited too long, and it would make him look weak. Especially after that great speech.

7) Obama's people meet with Wright's people in some smoke-filled room. Strategies are discussed. Deals are made. (We're now into serious conspiracy theory territory....)

8) Wright is then brought forth from the cave where he's been hidden from public view. They wind him up. They take off the sackcloth and ashes and put him back in his regular clothes. Wright, knowingly or unknowingly, aggrees to cooperate by giving speeches that make Al Sharpton look like Thomas Sowell. Obama, along with everyone else, is now able to be publicly appalled. The media breaks out into polite operatic applause as Obama starts clearing his throat to totally disown, condemn, and slap down Jeremiah Wright.

9) Wright starts working the cameras, screaming at the microphones, and breaking out in stigmata. He's so over the top that most people think he's obviously gone insane.

10) Obama is finally able to sadly shake his head, make some tsk tsk tsk noises, say "this isn't the Jeremiah Wright I knew".

11) And now he's finally disowned Jeremiah Wright. It took about a year. By the time it comes down to Obama vs. McCain, Jeremiah Wright's sad decline into a full blown rabies victim will be perceived as a process that began about 5-6 years ago, instead of a pre-existing condition from 25 years ago.

12) Obama will then be adequately inocculated from criticism over his past relationship with the sad, delusional, rabid Jeremiah Wright.

Please discuss amongst yourselves.


Pete Wann said...

Not a bad theory. I have one as well:

It took the time between Wright's "disappearance" and his current media blitz for him and his handlers to figure out how he could best cash in on his newfound fame.

His appearances lately have been less about Obama or "the black church" and more about the creating a "brand" for Jeremiah Wright.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you until #7. My sense is that Rev. Wright is frustrated by his own silence and chose to end it. That ending was taken advantage of by an opposing campaign. According to the New York Daily News ( the organizer of the National Press Club event is an “…enthusiastic Hillary Clinton supporter.”

Not so much a conspiracy as a supporter cannily taking advantage of the situation.

DG in FW

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Thanks for your comments on this post. Especially, if you look very, very, closely, you'll see that I have two #7's, and two #8's. It was a long night.
If Wright continues to spew venom at his current level, I'll stand corrected. This will be nothing more than another one of my observations that we live in a weird time.
However, if Jeremiah Wright continues to gallop toward the fringes, and Obama is able to make a case that "this isn't the Jeremiah Wright I knew"....then I'm expecting one of you to nominate me for a Pulitzer. Even if I did double up on my 7's and 8's.

sandersonmom said...

I will nominate you. If Al Gore can get one, you deserve one too.