Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root - Non Factors?

Stuart Rothenberg, who writes The Rothenberg Report for Roll Call magazine, asks "Will Bob Barr And The Libertarians Be A Factor In The Presidential Race?"

Discouraging stuff, in need of rebuking.

Dr. Ralph, whose comments on 3rd parties can be found on almost every post I've done about Barr (click Bob Barr's name below), believes that 3rd parties can't resist the temptation to put a "sorehead" at the top of their ticket. The sorehead wants either revenge or attention; the 3rd party wants some name recognition. And attention. Because they're soreheads.

Discouraging stuff, in need of rebuking.

I'm still going to attend the Libertarian Party meetings, mostly because I've not found any other group whose beliefs about how the world should work so closely resemble mine. Plus, they're great people, interesting to talk to, and one day they just might nominate some people who can be a factor. I'm going to do what I can to support some of their candidates at the local level.

But Bob Freakin' Barr?


Dr Ralph said...

Having mentioned me in the body of the post, how can I resist commenting? (grin)

I just finished reading the Stuart Rosenberg article -- oh dear.

The cure for the "sorehead" factor in third parties: return the focus to local candidates so the party is strengthened from the bottom up. Stronger roots will make it easier to withstand the mighty wind of people like Bob Barr, who look around for an established organization to hijack for their own ends.

That being said, neither the Democrats nor Republicans are completely immune to the "sorehead" factor--each has had its share of foot-shootings.

One of the fascinating things about watching Parliamentary governments' political processes is the power the smaller parties retain in the overall governing process.

johnhspivey said...

Yeah - Bob Barr. The Drug Warring, Defense of Marriage Act sponsoring, USA PATRIOT Act approving, sorehead. With that said, he's changing his tune to mesh with the party. He joined NORML and the ACLU.
I'm usually no fan (nor detractor) of the ACLU - but that just doesn't work for me. NORML membership is a show of good faith by him- and I must say, I'm digging the soreheadedness a little, actually.

I think the point is, other "Parties" (see: Reform Party) typically do not have an extremely strong philosophical foundation - so a big name or big wallet can easily hijack the party (see Ross Perot/Reform). The LP, although strong philosophically, couldn't resist the siren song of 'celebrity' and signed up Barr THIS TIME.

I just don't think the party will sway to the candidate though - WE are swaying him! If he's using us, for whatever reason, FINE. We'll just get some publicity - get on more states' ballots - and nominate a "Mary Ruwart type" next cycle. Maybe a celebrity "Mary Ruwart type"...

By the way, who is his campaign manager again? Oh. Ross Perot's? (gulp)