Sunday, June 1, 2008

QUEERS AND DYKES ARE GONNA GET MARRIED ! ! ! so don't worry about anything else

And so it begins.....
When California recently lifted the ban on gay marriage, it gave Republicans their first ray of sunshine in a long, long time.

This discussion will take the place of Iraq, socialized medicine, ANWR, free trade, tax rates, and just about every other vital issue.
Motherhood and the flag and Americas families will be invoked. Old Testament prophets and New Testament rabbis and 21st century witch doctors will be quoted at length. Priests, preachers, Imams, and Christian Science Reading Room attendants will appear on CNN and Fox News. Their words will be solemnly analyzed for their impact on the upcoming election.

Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission will be shown uncensored on The O'Reilly Factor, strenuously digging platitudes from his nether regions.

What would happen if gay and lesbian couples were allowed to have the same kinds of multiple marriages that John McCain, Dr. Phil, Newt Gingrich, Ted Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan experienced? Would the world spin off its axis if gays and lesbians could enter a sacred and holy matrimonial state like the one recently savored by Britney Spears? Even if Britney's only lasted for two and a half days?

The libertarian concept of "no harm, no foul" should be the guiding light here.

This will become a hot-button wedge issue only if we let it become a hot-button wedge issue.

It's going to become the #1 issue in the campaign, isn't it?

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Dr Ralph said...

Dallas Morning News columnist Rod Dreher, not known for his liberal leanings, had an editorial in this Sunday's paper which essentially said, "Conservatives, you lost the Culture War -- America is okay with Gay Marriage. Deal with it."

It's an interesting column.

The Sam Graves video is instructive, if not disgusting, for it's use of code words: "San Francisco" being a standing for "Godless Sodomite Homos."

This slimeball is obviously aware he's got nothing else to campaign with.

I can hardly wait for a time in the near future when this sort of shameless bullshit is seen in the same light as 1950's race-baiting is seen today.