Sunday, August 31, 2008

Carnival Of The Libertarians, Labor Day Edition

Welcome to the August 31, 2008 edition of carnival of the libertarians !
I got a lot of great entries this time. We'll do it again in about a month. As always, blogrolling, and reciprocal links to this post and this site are appreciated. Happy Reading !

Michael Bass presents The New Pledge of Allegiance posted at Debt Prison, saying, "I pledge allegiance to the United Coporations of America…. and to the Oligarchy for which it stands, one police state under tyranny, in debt, with welfare and hedonism for all"

blewsdawg presents Minneapolis Cops Get Medals For Raid On Wrong House! posted at InFrequently Asked Questions, saying, ""The easy decision would have been to retreat under covering fire. The team did not take the easy way out," Dolan told the crowd. "This is a perfect example of a situation that could have gone horribly wrong, but did not because of the professionalism with which it was handled."

What part of this did not go wrong?"

blewsdawg also presents So Who's Going To Lose Their Job? posted at InFrequently Asked Questions, saying, "The Mayor of Minneapolis is embarrassed about the cops who received medals for raiding the wrong house, and has laid the smack down on the Police Chief. Sort of."

Phil B. presents Companies are Taking Over the World posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "A vast number of politicians, from around the word, have been bought and paid for by big businesses."

Michael Snyder presents 15 Things That Are Wrong With America posted at The Moral Collapse Of America.

Dana presents Parents’ constitutional liberty interest in education posted at Principled Discovery.

Archvillain presents That?s some fine police work there, Lou posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good, saying, "The police are supposed to be Public Servants."

Jeffrey Stingerstein presents Say "NO" to the Windfall Profit Tax posted at Disillusioned Words.

Urbain Beck presents Work ‘Til You Drop Dead — It’s Patriotic! posted at NOT a Guru!.

Andrew Ian Dodge presents Climate fascism posted at Dodgeblogium.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Neurogenesis and Brain Plasticity in Adult Brains posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, "Adults may have a tendency to get set in their ways – I’ve been doing it this way for a long time and it works, so why change? – Turns out, though, that change can be a way to keep aging brains healthy."

NotYourDaddy presents Affirmative Action Has Run its Course posted at Government is not your Daddy., saying, "Crutches are undeniably beneficial when one has a broken leg, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to rely on them permanently. Up to a point, they’re necessary to allow the injury to heal. But using them longer than necessary will eventually atrophy the very muscles that need to be strengthened to effect a full recovery."

Jeffrey Stingerstein presents I Love the NRA and the ACLU posted at Disillusioned Words, saying, "I put other because this covers the 2nd amendment and privacy"

Jeffrey Stingerstein presents » Thoughts on the 2008 Election (Part Three: Religion) Disillusioned Words: atheism, art and politics posted at Disillusioned Words.

Aahz presents Labor Unions And Freedom Don?t Mix posted at Philaahzophy, saying, "Happy Labor Day to my fellow slaves of the state :)"

Aaron Powell presents How the Bias for Intent Makes Fools of Us All posted at Aaron Ross Powell.

David Gross presents Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago" posted at The Picket Line, saying, "Some time after I heard that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had died, I pulled "The Gulag Archipelago" from the shelves and found that I’d left some bookmarks in it. Here are some of the quotes I'd flagged."

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