Friday, December 5, 2008

Who Was The President?

Here's a history test put out by Mental Floss magazine. (Thanks to The Grouchy Old Cripple in Atlanta for posting.) It's called Who Was President?

I got 10 out of 13.

Anyone outside of the U.S. who gets a better score than that needs to keep it to himself.


Dr Ralph said...

85% - 11 out of 13!

Despite my whiny liberalism I had no idea who was president when the New York Times was founded or when Mt. Rushmore was completed.

Darn that public school education of mine!

CountingCats said...

I think you are safe here - 4 out of 13.

But then, I never did study US presidents.

Lisa said...

10 out of 13 for me too, more recent history was my downfall.

Anonymous said...

I got 7/13. I think I deserve a bonus point for knowing that Grover Cleveland was the only person to serve two non-consecutive terms. And another one for knowing who the fuck James Polk was.

On the downside... I ought to know more about the war of 1812. I did the US Capitol tour and the guide is like "any Brits here" and me and the wife raise our hands, gingerly. And I know what's coming... Yes during the war of 1812 the redcoats ransacked the Library of Congress (they could read back then) and used it's contents to torch the Capitol and the White House. That's the spirit you found an Empire on though it was a little mean.

And also... I've been to Harry Truman's gaff on Key West so I bloody well should have known how long he was president for.

I even bought the souvenir plaque "The buck stops here". It only took the Demonratic party forty years to change that under Clinton to "The fuck starts here".

But on the upside. I had at least heard of Millard Fillmore. Possibly because of The Simpsons episode which featured the "Mediocre Presidents of the USA" pageant.

Anonymous said...

8 out of 13.
However, I'm a durn fureigner.
Though I will admit to being awesome at trivial pursuit.

Jay@Soob said...

9 of 13. A bit pissed I flubbed the SNL one. As though Chevy Chase would be lampooning Gerald Ford during Jimmy Carters presidency.