Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Alisa In Wonderland wants you to think about something

Alisa In Wonderland, my favorite Israeli blogger, has posted an interesting thought experiment.
It's extremely rare for Alisa to type in English and when she does so, we should all take notice.
Ignore the Hebrew at the top of the post. That's strictly for home consumption.
She went to the hassle of translating all of this for your benefit, so get over there ! ! !

I think the answer to question "A" would be "eternity".
I think the answer to question "B" would be "about a year".

I have no idea what would happen on the West Bank.

Also, if you try to comment on Alisa's blog, the text will appear from right to left since it's designed for Hebrew. The three blanks above the comment field are for name, email address, and URL.

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