Saturday, August 8, 2009

Give Kenneth Gladney A Beer Summit

There are rumors, nothing more than baseless unsubstantiated rumors, that a labor union has resorted to violence.

Is this really possible?

Yeah, it's possible. Kenneth Gladney, an African-American Obamacare skeptic, was beaten up by union thugs.

If you're interested you can now join a Facebook group called "Give Kenneth Gladney A Beer Summit". The Obamedic, Biden, Gladney, and Andy Stern of SEIU could all sit down in the back yard at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and have a cold one. Gladney could listen to apologies from the other three, who would explain that his injuries might be temporarily painful but would stimulate the economy by creating jobs for hospital personnel.


Dr Ralph said...

You've outdone yourself this time, simultaneously tar and feathering Obama, Healthcare and the unions.

Triple play!

We now have the right-wing urging their rabid followers to disrupt and shout down every town-hall meeting possible (especially if it's led by a Democrat), even busing in people from outside the elected rep's district, with a clear agenda to make sure these degenerate into chaos, and when ordinary citizens fight back against these Republican Brownshirts, they have the gall to play victim and scream they've been attacked.


I note all the accounts of this incident make heavy usage of the word "alleged," "reportedly," and "where he said." Yet I see you have no issue with making the leap of faith to turn this into some lone protester attacked by a mob.

Congratulations on becoming a Fox News affiliate.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Thanks. I worked a long time on it.
I think Gladney's alleged wounds will turn out to be genuine.

Regarding the protesters being Republican Brownshirts, I went to the Michael Burgess event in Denton this a.m., and couldn't even get in the door. The crowd didn't look very brownshirtish to me, and wasn't anywhere NEAR all Republican. Lots of Libertarian t-shirts in the crowd.
IMAO, the protests are driven more by radio than the Republican party. The Republican party couldn't organize brackets for a ping-pong tournament, much less protests at every Town Hall meeting.

I used to Tivo "The Beltway Boys", the Fred Barnes/Morton Kondrake debate show that was on Fox. It got cancelled about two months ago. That's all the Fox I've watched that I can remember.
Glad to know they're on the side of the angels.

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Purple Shirts = Brownshirts.

With that said, I have about 10 purple dress shirts. An homage to TCU and Prince and not so much the SEIU.

Although, with that said, believe it or not, I've worked on a political campaign with those thugs... Politics do make strange bedfellows, don't it now?!?!

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Dr Ralph: "I note all the accounts of this incident make heavy usage of the word "alleged," "reportedly," and "where he said."..."
Yeah, it seems to be a "media" thing for use before a formal conviction. They did the same thing with Manson, Bundy and McVeigh. It's probably due to those pesky trial lawyers, another "alledged" arm of the DNC.

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