Saturday, November 28, 2009

But ALL the truly civilized nations have socialized healthcare ! !

Remember this and this about Britain's NHS (National Health Service) next time you hear a Talking Head blathering about all the civilized nations having socialized healthcare.

From The Sun:

FILTHY conditions at a major hospital may have led to up to 71 deaths, it was claimed yesterday.
An inspection by the Government's Care Quality Commission at Basildon Hospital, Essex, found blood on floors and curtains, and soiled mattresses.

Government investigators had rated the Basildon University Hospital as "good" in October.

It received 13 out of 14 for cleanliness and five out of five for keeping the public healthy.

‘ In A&E we saw a trolley mattress with a hole in the cover; it was found to be badly soiled and to have a foul odour. ’
But then a new inspection team went into the Essex hospital unannounced... and discovered appalling conditions.

As well as blood on the curtains and floors, it was also splattered on trays used to carry equipment.

There were soiled mattresses with stains soaked through to the foam filling.

Suction machines were contaminated with fluid - with what looked like mould on parts.

The Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was yesterday ordered to call in independent regulator Monitor.

Its chairman Dr William Moyes said they were intervening to ensure rapid improvement.

He said: "This use of our powers is needed to quickly deliver improvements."

The CQC report, revealed yesterday, described grim conditions.

It said: "We saw floors that were stained with blood.

"Six trays used by staff to carry equipment when they take blood samples or give injections had blood on them, a commode was soiled under the seat, and blood pressure cuffs were stained.

"In A&E we saw a trolley mattress with a hole in the cover; it was found to be badly soiled and to have a foul odour. In all, 12 mattresses were checked, 11 were stained."

There were also dust-covered blood pressure machines, out-of-date air tubes and A&E gear, and dirt in hospital bays.

Here's the headline from The Telegraph (UK):

Want to fix the NHS? Go private.

Hit that link and read every word of it. I love it, love it, love it.

Here's what I think is happening over there. The U.S. is having a healthcare debate. For better or worse, our system is being compared to the U.K. system. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear are concluding that the present U.S. system is the envy of the free world. Brits are asking themselves if they, too, can have hospitals with no blood on the walls.

Look for England to start privatizing more and more of their healthcare system within the decade. I betcha a dollar.


Anonymous said...

I dont know much about the Brits healthcare situation but I do know that in France the only way a Doctor can increase his/her income is to perform surgery..hence hundreds or thousands of unnecessary surgeries each year. If we allow the government to regulate healthcare what will be the incentive for the best and brightest of our young people to go into medicine if they cannot earn as much as a CEO? What kind of care will we receive then? So little to gain so much to lose with Obama care.

Flee said...

No one can earn as much as a CEO! How could anyone aford health care if we had to pay doctors that much money? If you believe that surgeries are not being done for profit here now you are sadly mistaken.

Flee said...
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