Monday, November 23, 2009

I own me, You own you, Guess what Harry Reid can do? (With apologies to Barney the purple dinosaur)

I am the owner of me.
You are the owner of you.

I don't care what you do to yourself, as long as it doesn't hurt me or mine. If I know you, and you run out of money, or need help with hospital bills, or groceries, and you call me? I'll probably help you. I really will.

I just don't care to funnel the money through a den of thieves who have proven to be totally incapable of spending money wisely.

And I appreciate your concern for my healthcare, I really do. If I were to lose my current insurance, I hope I could rely on friends, family, charities, and the long-suffering congregation at Broadway Baptist Church. Heck, I'm already working in a family-owned business..... But if you're insisting that I, or anyone else, pay for medical insurance, I'm afraid that you have some ulterior motives. I think you're on a power trip.

Imagine the outrage if Harry Reid insisted that everyone who owned their home "free and clear" owned homeowners insurance, and pushed for penalties for those who didn't pay up to his buddies in the insurance industry.

I bet you could cut medical costs in half through tort reform, by allowing more people into the medical professions, and by letting nurses perform procedures that are currently restricted to doctors.

But that wouldn't allow any rent-seekers to profit from the solution to our healthcare non-crisis, would it?

So here goes, sung to the tune of the Barney theme song.....

I own me,
You own you,
Guess what Harry Reid can do
With his great big plan
That he's trying to push through?
Go find someone else to screw.

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anne cleveland said...

HI There, Good writing, expressions of reason and rationale. We are so bombarded with the double-think, double-talk coming out of the mouths of the likes of Harry Reid,we need all the rational counter-talk, we can muster. They are winning the, "war of ideas" in Washington with words.The bondage of socialism, now has the upper-hand, with-out a shot being fired.Their effective weapon of winning, has been via words.As Lenin warned in the twenties, falling like, "over-ripe fruit"