Saturday, November 28, 2009

V For Vendetta - You really, really, really need The Chancellor

I've rented several movies for the long weekend, V For Vendetta among them.

I was struck by this scene in V For Vendetta, which I think is about the Wall Street Bailout, The Porkulus Bill, The Swine Flu panic, The TARP program, The Healthcare Bill, and the ongoing debates about whether government should require marching band instruments to be shipped to one of three sterilization facilities at the end of each school year in hopes of preventing something from happening that has never happened yet.

What follows in the movie is a montage of all the scares, panics, and crises where the socialist government has had to intervene, usually to protect the people from the worst instincts of....socialist government intervention.

In the words of Rahm Emmanuel, "Never let a crisis go to waste."

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Stephen M. Smith said...

I just caught "1984" last night myself. Funny that John Hurt plays Winston Smith in "1984," and then plays the Big Brother character in "V for Vendetta."

You might also like ABC's "V." They seem to be working in some interesting themes.