Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From Minnesotans For Global Warming: Hide The Decline !

From the geniuses at Minnesotans For Global Warming:

Just think of all the grant, subsidy, and porkulus money that disappeared as a result of these guys cooking the books.
We owe the Hockey Team a debt we can never repay. (For those new to the Climategate scandal, the "Hockey Team" refers to the folks who created Al Gore's hockey stick chart showing an upward spike in earth's temperature.)
Another question raised by the Climategate incident.... The mainstream media is doing their best to ignore this story. The blogosphere is going wild over it. The Minnesotans are wondering if this makes Al Gore wish he'd never invented the internet.


Cedric Katesby said...

For those new to the Climategate scandal, the "Hockey Team" refers to the folks who created Al Gore's hockey stick chart showing an upward spike in earth's temperature.

Hockey stick? You're going for the hockey stick?
Ok, I'll play along.
P.R.A.T.T point.

...result of these guys cooking the books.

Come on.
You don't believe that.
If you did, you'd get all steamed up and actually do a little work and provide evidence of people "cooking the books".
The global hoax!
Expose the global hoax.
The people have the right to know!!!

So do it already.
Take the time to read one of the e-mails.
Choose the most nefarious one.
Take that bad ol' e-mail and make a solid case.
Give it your best shot.
Spare me the speculation and the paranoia.
What can you actually prove?
Spell it out. Nice and simple. Step-by-step.
How do you get from an e-mail (any of them) to establishing a global conspiracy?
Connect the dots and don't take any short-cuts.

The mainstream media is doing their best to ignore this story.

Well, Foxnews will get around to it, right? What more do you need? Then the mighty will tremble.

I took the time to click the Minnesotan link you provided.
(I always read all of your links)

The author claims this e-mail as on of his favourites:

...if McIntyre had a legitimate point, he would submit a comment to the journal in question. of course, the last time he tried that (w/ our '98 article in Nature), his comment was rejected. For all of the noise and bluster about the Steig et al Antarctic warming, its now nearing a year and nothing has been submitted. So more likely he won't submit for peer-reviewed scrutiny, or if it does get his criticism "published" it will be in the discredited contrarian home journal "Energy and Environment". I'm sure you are aware that McIntyre and his ilk realize they no longer need to get their crap published in legitimate journals. All they have to do is put it up on their blog, and the contrarian noise machine kicks into gear, pretty soon Druge, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and their ilk (in this case, The Telegraph were already on it this morning) are parroting the claims. And based on what? some guy w/ no credentials, dubious connections with the energy industry, and who hasn't submitted his claims to the scrutiny of peer review.

Thats a pretty fair assessment of how the deniers operate.
I LIKE this e-mail (assuming it's real, of course).
More people should read it.

Deniers do indeed produce crap.
(There's no more accurate word for it)

Deniers (Creationists, HIV'ers, 9/11'ers, anti-vaxers etc) do indeed shy away from the process of peer review.
(That's why deniers sometimes put scare quotes around the phrase.)

Deniers do indeed rely almost exclusively upon blogs.
(Small business investors from Phoenix, anyone? How about some anonymous Minnesotans?)

Get your science from science sources.
Otherwise you will endlessly fish around the Denialosphere that will just keep you ignorant of what scientists are actually doing.
Step outside your comfort zone.
Enter mainstream science and embrace reality.

NASA, people.
They're not "prostitutes".
They're not hippies.
They don't want to be "the most powerful people in the world".
They're just scientists.
They're just doing their job.
There is no conspiracy.
There's no hoax.
It's physically impossible.
The scientists are not out to get you.
America really did make it to the moon.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

The "science sources" are looking a little suspicious these days.

I honestly don't remember using the word "conspiracy" anyplace. A buncha people wanting more money from the trough doesn't require a conspiracy.

I CAN'T WAIT until the computer/IT community gets evaluating the programs these guys were running.

I repeat, I CAN'T WAIT.
Just in time for Hopenhagen.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

But wait, there's more ! ! !

It's crept over to New Zealand ! !

Oh to be a heap of data, and to receive such great massages by such loving hands ! !

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Silly me. I learned in lower division science classes that scientific theorists made their data available in order that their conclusions could be replicated by others. It now seems that the warmistas refuse to share their data and when threatened with FOI laws in the case of government funded "scientists" they prefer to hide and delete it. As for "peer review" (scorn quotes) of computer models, how can their political conclusions be supported when their only refrain is: " I'm a 'scientist', trust me. After all, my next grant depends on the politicians who need to be re elected and the bureaucrats who need to expand their power and budget."

Cedric (the dervish) is so desperate to defend his religious position that he must introduce the "Creationists, HIV'ers, 9/11'ers, anti-vaxers hippies etc" as straw men to attack. Of course these scientists (actually political hacks) are not out to get us. They simply want to get their next government grant or budget adjustment.

Cedric's assertion that he "never heard of Phil Jones or Mike Mann" says all we need to know of his "Get your science from science sources." refrain.