Monday, January 11, 2010

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Libertarians, 9-12'ers, and The Tea Party Movement. And John Spivey. And Adrian Murray. (plus Dirty Harry !)

I didn't get a chance to look through the Star-Telegram this a.m.
My friends Adrian Murray and Big Daddy John Spivey were both quoted.


FORT WORTH — Elected officials — Democrats and Republicans — have been routinely and loudly booed at Tea Party rallies and other conservative events over the past year.
But as area activists try to turn that anger into action, they are setting their sights on fellow Republicans more than Democrats.
Members of several local conservative groups that formed last year are focusing on a handful of Republican primary races in the hope of moving the party in a more conservative direction.
"The Tea Partiers, the 9-12ers and the Libertarians all need to come together and work together," said Adrian Murray, an organizer with the 9-12 Project Fort Worth. "It’s the outcome of those primaries that are going to determine what kind of support the Republican Party gets" in November.
They aren’t endorsing candidates, but the anti-incumbent sentiment at rallies last year was palpable and is playing a role in local races. Several Republican challengers in races for Congress and the state Legislature say their appeal to those protesters fed up with the status quo will lead them to a primary win in March.
"A lot of people think that these are Republican groups, but they’re not. They’re actually as mad at Republicans as they are Democrats," said conservative activist Bill Burch, who is running against former Arlington City Councilwoman Barbara Nash in the Republican primary for the state House seat held by Rep. Paula Pierson, D-Arlington.....

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....While the spotlight is on the primary for now, it remains unclear what these grassroots activists will do if a Republican deemed insufficiently conservative wins the party’s nomination.
"I would think it’s a mixed blessing for the Republican Party," said Cal Jillson, a political science professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. "If [activists] think that the two main party candidates aren’t sufficiently conservative, they’ll mount a party challenge."
He pointed to a special congressional election in New York in November in which grassroots conservatives, unhappy with the Republican candidate, backed a third-party candidate instead. In the end, a Democrat won the district for the first time since the Civil War.

It makes me nuts, totally nuts, when journalists, political scientists, or for that matter, my relatives try to raise that particular objection to 2nd-party candidates. The Democrat in that upstate New York election was funded by the Democratic party. The candidate of the Republican establishment (Dede Scozzafava) would have voted like a Democrat, but would've been funded by the Republican party. It's more efficient when the Democrats fund their own candidates, don't you think?

Representatives from local Tea Party groups and the 9-12 Project Fort Worth say they will remain nonpartisan while encouraging voters to back candidates who support certain principles, including limited government and personal liberty.
"There’s nothing more powerful, we feel, than an informed voter," said Angela Cox, founder of the Burleson Tea Party.
John Spivey, Tarrant County Libertarian Party chairman, said many Tea Party and 9-12 Project members lean Libertarian and predicted that they will support the GOP only if Republican incumbents are replaced in the primary with "true conservatives."
"I’m looking forward to post-primary that we may see some support from them for some of our candidates," Spivey said.
Leaders with the 9-12 Project Fort Worth and the Burleson Tea Party expressed doubt that supporting third-party candidates is a viable option.

And if they can't make that an option, they will be forced to support more guys who brag about their ability to reach across the aisle, and who get pats on the head from the mainstream media for making gracious concession speeches. I went to one of Adrian's meetups tonight, and saw a very positive response to Spivey's presentation on the Libertarian Party. People are ready for a change from the false choice between Republicrats and Demoblicans. We can put aside small differences, and find a way to join together long enough to boot out some of the worst-offending Statists.

(Conservative activist Bill Burch)....predicted that conservative grassroots voters would support the Republican ticket no matter who wins the primary.
"If they make it through the primary, your choice is no longer for the individual," Burch said. "Your choice is . . . freedom or socialism."

Mr. Burch, people felt that way until the last three Republican Presidents came in and spent money like drunk cowboys. Your choice is . . . more of the same or something different. I don't know of any Libertarians who supported TARP, the bailouts, or the Porkulus plan. I can't say that about Republicans.
Come on, hold your nose, and come see what we're about. I think we're going to have an interesting melting pot in November.
Harry Reid is coming to Texas for a fundraiser on Friday, January 15 at 11:00 a.m. He'll be at the Las Colinas Marketing Center at 5221 North O'Conner Boulevard, in Irving. Ask yourself....why is Harry Reid, Senator from Nevada, holding a fund-raiser in Texas?
I bet we can all agree on that one, can't we?


TarrantLibertyGuy said...

I enjoyed the meeting today and I think there are some targeted races to work together. However, as we/I expected, there were a third that were probably already 'knowingly' a libertarian. A third are just not aware - but with a little instruction - will become libertarian. A third - possibly 'unreachable' from a libertarian standpoint.

However, with 66.7% odds, I like those fish in that barrel. I don't expect them to switch parties (although some may), but I think that some GOP leaders will start running more 'liberty' focused candidates. Which is fine in my book. I'd like for them to run actual libertarians disguised as a member of the GOP. That day may come yet.

However, I talked to some GOP guys (some 'leadership' types) who still may not be getting it. Lastly, occasionally, members of the 'old guard' Neo-con, Statist, 'Government First' GOP are sometimes mis-identified as liberty activists. I guess anyone can call themselves whatever they want. However, I think these activists are smart enough to look under the hood and find the wolf under that sheep's clothing.

Some of the 'older guard' see the LP as the reason seats were lost in the last election!! I told one guy in particular, this is because there was a bad product put out by them. Ex. If people buy product A, causing B to lose market share (since product B doesn't resonate with the market anymore), you don't blame product C for diluting the market. You improve Product B.

Still all in all, I'm looking forward to the areas we can work together - and there's a few candidates of theirs that I feel perfectly fine helping (without endorsing!!!)....

clay barham said...

The U.S. Postal Service was established in 1775, and after two centuries trying to get it right, it is broke. Social Security was established in 1935 and after 74 years it too is broke. Fannie Mae was started in 1938 and after 71 years it is broke. The War on Poverty began in 1964 and after 45 years it is lost and a trillion dollars of our money is given "the poor" and they only want more. Medicare and Medicaid started in 1965, only 44 years ago and they are broke. Freddie Mac began in 1970, only 39 years ago and it is too broke. The Department of Energy, created in 1977 to decrease our use of foreign oil, has 16,000 employees and a budget of $24 billion a year, yet we import more oil than ever before. After 32 years it is an abysmal failure. Who, then, could ever believe Government can do it right operating close to 20% of our GDP? They cannot operate a bank, a car company or a railroad as could private people trying to make a profit. But, who really cares when it is simply community they work with and support, never the free individual who, alone, can straighten out the whole mess.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I like the analogy to lost market share.

You forgot HUD.