Sunday, January 10, 2010

A warning about Christian Drum Circles

Here's a word of warning about Christian Drum Circles.

Repent now, while there's still time.

Picture of the (supposedly Pagan) drum circle came from here.


ShamWOW! said...

That article you linked to...was that serious? It's very early and maybe I'm just not awake enough to recognize sarcasm yet.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Go through the other posts on the site.
Somebody (don't remember who) had linked to one of the warnings about science fiction books and movies. Then I found warnings about Rick Warren, the preacher from California who prayed before Obama's inauguration. I started looking around in there, and it was like Disneyland.
I was not serious, but the post is. I might start linking to a different one every Sunday morning. (I found it yesterday, set it to post at something like 3:00 a.m. this morning, and it's already getting heavily Twittered.)

Anonymous said...

Christian drum circles are a contradiction because they have a church. It is like that fellow Mark Richards and his so called drum church. They preform in Virginia Keys and that is what it is preform. They tout the words sacred but have strippers preforming with fire while they drum and chant.

JdaGayle said...

I'm not sure I understand. According to the article you linked to "christian drum circles" are bad because his niece used to be one when she was on drugs and after coming to christ realized that what the thought was connecting her spirit with god was really connecting her with demons??? it's not the drums that did it, it was the drugs. Perhaps a less biased article would present a better perspective, allowing for more serious contemplation.
the article also mentions that once we deviate from worship standards set in the bible madness ensues, does that mean we ought to only use the harp and lyre in our worship?

..there are so many other things wrong with that article you linked to that I don't have the time to get into...simply put, I think you should find another article.

MiamiDrum said...

I know who you are, Anonymous. But don't worry, I love you and all your comments.

MiamiDrum said...

I know who you are, Anonymous. But don't worry; I love you and all your comments. My mother always told me that when wicked people begin to lie about you, you know that you're doing the right thing. Thank you again, Anonymous. I appreciate your moral support. said...

I don't think drum circles in and of themselves evil. Drumming can be very therapeutic. Here is an example of what Christian Drum circle might look like.

You gather a group together do some basic hand drumming technique demonstration. Find a particular passage of scripture to focus. Something focused on unity in Christ's body would work well.

Before you start drumming allow time for people to enter into silence.

After the silence and before you start drumming talk about how life is full of rhythm. You're heart beat, music, etc. Emphasis that as people are drumming to imagine they are to connecting in rhythm with God and with the Christian community around them.

Ask them to focus on the Scripture passages you read.

It might be nice if you do drumming periods of 15-20 minutes and then allow and minute of silence in between.

An example: you could do an hour drum circle with 3 drumming periods and some silence in-between them.
Close in Prayer.

I hope this is helpful