Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Morning Links

We live in such a Target-Rich environment, it's hard for me to focus sometimes. Here's what some of my favorite typists are sounding off on:

Harper explains why our employment numbers are a mess, and she rips into The Teleprompter Jesus for giving unions a free pass on the "cadillac" insurance tax (because unions are so much more wholesome than the rest of us).

I don't like racism, or racist language. It does nothing to make things better. Never. Ever. Race, like eye color, left-handedness, or hair color, can't be helped. Now that I've thrown all those politically correct caveats in there, let me just say that my friend Paul is working through some issues. Yeah. I started it. My bad. It was like throwing gasoline and napalm on hot ashes.

The Humble Libertarian continues to explain Freddy Bastiat's "Broken Windows" concept. This time it's about the false benefits attributed to Food Stamps.

Francis over at Food and Fort Worth has a hapless, overwhelming post about "feckless". Francis does have hap, and he often whelms with his feck.

Dr. Ralph got to go hear Matt Weiner, creator of Mad Men, last night at Casa Manana. The Good Doctor's insights on the nature of people who ask questions at public Q&A's are worth a look. (Typical preface to a question at these events: "Mr. Doe, I've read all your work on the subject of mayonnaise packaging, and referenced some of your magazine articles while working on my masters degree in retail marketing, and as a mother of two, and the wife of a food transport specialist, and the owner of two collies who can tell the difference between Mayo and Miracle Whip, I wanted to ask you a question that came up during our last weekend on our 40 acre spread in Aledo, where we often use mayonnaise while entertaining all the public officials and movie stars that we've met as a part of our Aid To Haiti relief initiative....and it goes on and on before they get over themselves and get to the point.) Mad Men is GREAT, by the way.

William Grigg, over at Pro Libertate, has the best thing I've ever read on American Fascism. Mr. Grigg makes me look downright minimalist. Be warned. But it's worth it. Go there.

End The War On Freedom wonders about the life expectancy of politicians.

Uncle Fester adds to John Stossel's discussion of Ayn Rand.

NickM at Counting Cats beat me to the punch on Danny Glover, Global Warming, Earthquakes and Religion.

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