Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are we going to give Toyota the benefit of another show trial?

So are we going to have another show trial? 

Are we going to reimburse Congress's GM and Chrysler's competitors? 

Is Obama going to set up a slush fund escrow account to pay off Toyota dealers, mechanics, and salesmen because of the harm done to their business, kinda like we're doing for the victims of the BP oil spill?  Is Obama going to call Reid and Pelosi into the White House, and tell them how much they're going to set aside for their victims? 

I don't think so. 

Oh well.  You can go here for details.  Old people tend to confuse the gas pedal with the brake.  Move along, people.  Nothing to see here. 


Harper said...

Toyota admitted to knowing of electronic system problems in some of their cars.

Is it not feasible that:

1.) the faulty electronics systems would send inaccurate information to the data event recorder?


2.) being an electronically controlled system, the data event recorder has a fault?

I have been enjoying the current Toyota marketing package. Specifically, the commercials with all of their long-time satisfied customers. Wouldn't it be fun if they had to have a quickly spoken disclaimer at the end, naming all of the negatives, like drug commercials and their side effects?

The Whited Sepulchre said...

You left out this one....

3) The people complaining of sudden acceleration were really, really old. Except for some of the younger ones, many of whom were trying to commit fraud.

I betcha that, under oath, Toyota would admit to knowing of system problems in their gas tanks, brake lines, tail lights, lug nuts, and pop-out cup holders.
Having problems in a manufacturing process is normal. Sending in-house emails about the problems is normal.
I'll admit to knowing of potential safety issues in our fruitstands, but that doesn't mean that we are automatically guilty if a fruitstand collapses.
Having to put 75 safety warning labels on a ladder does nothing but raise the cost of a ladder.

If Toyota vehicles really do kill someone due to sudden acceleration, they should be taken to court and sued until they are radioactive.

But what we don't need is Nancy Pelosi bringing all her expertise to bear on the situation.

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