Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bo Obama's carbon footprint

From the someplace in Maine Online Sentinel:

Arriving in a small jet before the Obamas was the first dog, Bo, a Portuguese water dog given as a present by the late U.S. Sen Ted Kennedy, D-Mass. 

Wait a minute....they White House has issued a clarification.  Bo Obama did not fly solo to the Obama's vacation site in Maine. 

Clarification: Today's story about the arrival of the Obamas said the Obama's dog and one aide arrived on a small jet before the First Family, but there were other occupants on the plane, including several other staffers. The presidential party took two small jets to the Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport in Trenton because the airport was too small to accommodate the president's usual jet.

Ah.  They took TWO jets.  The other jet was for the dog and some lackeys.  That makes it all better. 

In the meantime, keep an eye on your carbon emissions, double-fold your toilet paper, take your own canvas bag to the supermarket, and keep buying those inadequate spiral light bulbs.  The Obamas have a lifestyle to maintain. 

The picture of the biggest dog footprint that I could find came from here.  And it's really from a cat.  But it serves my purposes.  Kinda like the carbon emissions panic serves the purposes of our lords and masters in government. 


Nick Rowe said...

Obama began digging his enormous carbon footprint on Inauguration day when millions of people flew and drove into town for the spectacle and deposited 100 tons of trash.

Then for his first bill signing, he flew from DC to Chicago to Phoenix to Denver. It was an energy bill signed at a green tech facility. Biden and Pelosi each took separate jets.

He's had himself and his wife flown to New York for dinner and a play. He's flown four times to California for Boxer fundraising events.

He heats the Oval Office to 72 degrees in the winter "because he's from Hawaii and likes it warm." But then he criticized his daughters' school for taking a snow day off and suggested they needed some "flinty Chicago toughness."

Remember the New York City fighter jet photo op? Any guesses how much CO2 that produces?

It would be a stark improvement if he even PRETENDED to save energy, but his egomania is so large he doesn't even bother to do that.

I hope one of his former supporters is keeping track of his carbon footprint. It would be amusing to say the least.

I don't even believe in this greenhoax effect but I ride public transportation every day, turn out lights, used LED and CFL bulbs, recycle, and generally minimize waste. I do these thing mostly because I pay the bills but also out of general austerity.

This hypocrite uses energy like he gets paid by the BTU.

Nick Rowe said...

Here is a story I wrote last year about Obama's search for First Pooch

He doesn't bother to keep the easy promises and lies about why he breaks them. Why should we believe he'll keep the really big promises he made?

I just love the initial elation of his worshippers and how disappointed they must have been afterward.


Dan said...

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