Wednesday, March 30, 2011

John Boehner isn't going to cut anything

Ok, we're 15 trillion dollars in debt. 
The yearly deficit is something like 1.4 trillion. 

Congress is yammering back and forth over whether to cut 30 billion or 60 billion from this year's budget. 

A 60 billion dollar cut, in that context, is nothing.  Nothing at all.  And the people who want to cut 60 billion are known as "extremists".  The Statists have more reason to fear Benito Mussolini than John Boehner. 

John Boehner couldn't cut the fat from the prime rib at a Shreveport, Louisiana casino buffet.
John Boehner couldn't cut wind at Chilifest. 
John Boehner couldn't succesfully cut the cards for a game of Crazy 8. 
John Boehner isn't going to cut anything. 

Relax.  Nothing is going to change because of Republicans.  Disaster hasn't hit us yet.   

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