Wednesday, April 13, 2011

14 trillion in debt, and they're still hiring, Part 2

The Department Of Energy, which Jimmy Carter created to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, is still hiring.
They're in debt 14 trillion dollars.  Our children and grandchildren are going to lead diminished lives, starting off their existence paying off the hundreds of thousands of dollars on their parents' and grandparents' bar tabs, and these people are still spending away. 

The Department Of Energy, which hasn't been able to budge our dependence on foreign oil (not that I think that's a bad thing) is trying to hire a Program Manager for the Office Of Geothermal Technologies. 

What does a PM for the OOGT do? 
The incumbent manages and directs the development, implementation, and evaluation of a national program that involves geothermal technologies including technology planning, research, development, demonstration and regulatory strategies. Directs the formulation and integration of the scientific, engineering and technical requirements and market analysis necessary to structure an effective geothermal research and development program. Identifies and interprets legislative requirements for the OGT Program and manages the implementing activities that satisfy these needs. Manages and works closely in partnership with the U.S. industry academia, and national laboratories to advance the technology, market, and policy needs to create and maintain a robust industry for the development of geothermal technology.

In other words, the Program Manager for the Office Of Geothermal Technologies doesn't do jack shit. 

He looks at situations and tries to make up rules and regulations that Congress can sell exceptions to those rules (working closely "in-partnership" with "industry, academia, and national laboratories" to advance the "policy" needs" for a "robust industry".)  Yeah, it's good to have industries working with government to develop protectionist policies.   

The Program Manager is the fertilizer spreader on a subsidy farm. 

Compensation package is $119,554.00 - $179,700.00 /year, not counting benefits. 

Here's an idea....  If someone wants to "develop a robust industry for the development of geothermal technology", he can probably sell some investors on the concept.  Let him get filthy rich doing so, if he's succesful.  If he fails, let him fail with the money of volunteers, not unwilling taxpayers. 

The Department Of Energy is nothing but a vast venture capital firm for wild-assed schemes that no bank would ever consider funding. 

Let's close it down before they can hire another Program Manager.   

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