Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Barack Freakin' Obama just wrote the wrong damn year in the damn guestbook at Westminster Freakin' Abbey

He should not be in charge of your healthcare.
He shouldn't be in charge of sending your kids to die in Middle Eastern sandboxes.
He shouldn't be in charge of deciding who can and can't marry, what drugs you can and can't purchase or consume, what guns you can own, or what food you should be allowed eat. 
He shouldn't be allowed to spend your money bailing out auto companies, stimulating the economy, swapping your cash for someone else's clunkers, or investing in green energy. 
No one else should be given this much power, either.  Not George Bush, not Ron Paul, not Saddam Hussein, not Harry Reid.  They are all normal people, just like you and me. 

Barack Obama is a generic, normal human that people want to turn their lives over to.  I'll never, ever understand it.  This is the man who gave the Queen Of England an iPod pre-loaded with his speeches. 

Obama doesn't even know what freakin' year it is. 

This is how Barack Obama signed the damn guestbook at Westminster Freakin' Abbey. 

24 May 2008

And yes, he's the one who wrote the wrong year

Barack Obama makes "Larry The Cable Guy" look like Cary Grant. 


Hot Sam said...

Hey, 2008 was the best year to be Barack Obama.

Hot Sam said...

Get a load of his pompous signature - a humongous BO.

A handwriting psychologist would have a field day with this idiot.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I've noticed that his signature usually looks the same, every single time.
Mine is a bit more reflective of my mood.

Hot Sam said...

He's had to make some adjustments to his signature: