Saturday, May 28, 2011

A history of Rand Paul's failed filibuster against The Patriot Act

I'm going to get out the winch, the chain hoist and the halter. 
It's time to drag the dead horse out of the shrubbery for another beating. 

There is no difference between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. 

There are some individual outliers, but the goals of the two organizations are identical.  They continue driving the national car down the same road.  They stop at different gas stations, they frequent different chain restaurants and hotels.  The road map does not change. 

Senator Rand Paul is an exception. 
Remember back in 2008 and earlier, when the Unconstitutional Spying On Americans Act Patriot Act was reviled by almost every Democrat politician in D.C.? 

Rand Paul tried to filibuster the renewal of this vile piece of totalitarian crap. 

He failed.  Why?  Because of Senator Harry Reid. 

Here's a timeline, courtesy of Young Americans For Liberty.  Hit the link to see the videos.

  • Rep. Ron Paul says in a video update that the Congress plans to extend some of the worst clauses of the PATRIOT Act as “quietly as possible.”
  • Sen. Rand Paul posts a video and a statement stating his strong opposition to the extension and applauding the house for initially voting it down.
  • The House passes a ten month extension, sends it to the Senate.
  • Sen. Paul writes a "Dear Colleague" letter explaining to other members of Congress his concerns with the extension.
  • Sen. Paul threatens to filibuster the bill, so Sen. Reid makes a deal with Sen. Paul to pass a 90 day extension and promises to have at least a week of debate and an open amendment process on the bill before the extension expires.
  • The Senate passes a 90 day extension 86-12, sends it to the House.
  • The House passes the 90 day extension 279-143.
86 days pass and the PATRIOT Act is once again taken up by the Senate.

  • Senate invokes cloture on another extension 74-8.
  • Sen. Mike Lee tweets he could not vote due to weather delay, but that he would have voted "no."
  • Sen. Paul speaks on the floor in opposition, introduces 8 amendments.
  • Sen. Paul tells reporters he will "drag [the debate] out" if he doesn't get the debate and votes he was promised.
  • Sen. Paul speaks again about the need for honest debate on the PATRIOT Act extension.
  • Sen. Mike Lee speaks in support of Sen. Paul.
  • Sen. Reid takes the floor and launches baseless accusations at Sen. Paul, claiming that he wants to put guns in the hands of terrorists.
  • Sen. Paul responds, calls Sen. Reid's claims offensive and insulting, and defies Sen. Reid by calling for a vote on 3 of his 8 amendments. Sen. Reid objects and prevents roll call votes on the amendments from happening.
  • Sen. Paul appears on Freedom Watch to explain his opposition to the bill.
  • The Senate votes 79-18 to move forward with the extension.
  • Slate reports that Republicans are blocking Sen. Paul's efforts.
  • A White House official accuses Sen. Paul of threatening national security.
  • The Senate debates and votes on two of Sen. Paul's amendments.
  • The PATRIOT Act passes the Senate 72-23 and is signed by President Obama minutes before it is set to expire.

That's why we won't see the end of the Patriot Act within our lifetimes.  The fix is in. 
You can vote for Republicans until your arm withers.  They won't repeal ObamaCare.  The fix is in. 
Please consider the Libertarian Party in 2012. 

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