Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Best Libertarian Election Pics from Facebook, Emails, Reddit, Mom, etc.

What if the 9-11 events had happened elsewhere? And the response had been equally screwy? 

This is my truck bumper.  All the cool kids have one now.

I'll go ahead and say it....The President Of The United States isn't very smart.  Google his college transcripts from Occidental and Columbia. 

A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama.....

fOward !! fOward !! Wear it proudly !!

For the love of God and all things holy, where else does Romney want to put military bases??  The Vatican?  Loch Ness?  Euro Disney?? 

Give a copy of this to everyone you know between the ages of 6 and 18.  Tell them to start working, learning Mandarin Chinese, learning how to clean woks, etc.  They have a huge debt to pay off, and the older generations have a certain lifestyle to support.   

Here's a pic of our Nobel Peace Prize Winner with some of his victims. 

And do you wonder which of our major political parties is considered "the lesser of two evils" by this kid??

Here's the infamous Paul Ryan budget, the one that's supposed to cause economic upheaval.  He spends almost as much as Obama.  Sheesh....  And which one is supposed to be the small government party? 

But in a Libertarian society, who would build the roads???

From the Libertarian Party float in the Alan Ross/Gay Rights Freedom Parade....


Anonymous said...

All of this is complete bullshit when you allow a CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTER to work in the same office with you and say NOTHING about it. Grow some REAL balls, bro. Otherwise... shut the fuck up.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Which one? We have several.
We also have some rapists, and at least one murderer.
Plus, the number of employees who've been locked up for drug-related offenses is astounding.

I'm not saying these offenses are equal, but these folks have paid their debt to society in prison, and in some cases are still paying their debt on parole, probation, and fees and fines.

We currently have a President who, in his memoir, affirms that he smoked weed and did coke. He's moved on from that. I think.

The guy nicknamed "The Lion Of The Senate" effectively murdered a young woman by driving off a bridge and into a river and leaving her to die. He didn't do any time. But he was able to move on.

All of these wrongs don't make a right. But this is one of the reasons we believe that government should have a monopoly on "initiating" the use of force. We've decided that crime X is to be met with penalty Y. But no more than that.

Bush II, John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Obama all smoked weed, or used stronger stuff. They paid no penalty to the state or society for doing so.
We employ some registered sex offenders who have paid their penalty to the state and to society.

So....what's your point??