Monday, October 29, 2012

A Photoessay On The Detroit Free Press Endorsement Of Barack Obama

The pics are from a bizarre coffee table book called "The Ruins Of Detroit". 
Detroit has had Democrat mayors since 1962.  It has long been a union hellhole. 
Here's the Detroit Free Press endorsement of Barack Obama for president. 

What’s the best case Barack Obama can make for re-election? Let’s start with the stunning record of accomplishments he has compiled over the last four years:

• General Motors and Chrysler are thriving — a long, long way from the edge of insolvency, which is where Obama found them on his first day in office. Bridge loans and managed bankruptcies turned them around, and stable growth followed soon after. Is there anything more important to people here in Michigan?

Actually a true bankruptcy would've given G.M. and Chrysler a chance to drop back, regroup, and re-negotiate their contracts with vendors and unions.  But no....  We're in the bailout presidency.  We've saved nothing but an election cycle.   

• The economy has grown jobs for the past 30 months, after hemorrhaging 4.9 million in 2009. The bleeding began to stop when Obama convinced Congress to authorize $831 billion in federal stimulus funds, and employment has grown, slowly but inexorably, since the beginning of 2010.

Bullshit.  There are fewer people working now than there were in 2008.  Record numbers of people have filed bullshit "disability" claims, and who can blame them?  Nobody is going to start new projects/businesses in a big way until they're sure that they can keep their profits.    The exception, of course, is government jobs, pork, and other boondoggles. 

• The Affordable Care Act, a broad set of private-sector and government reforms, is bringing millions of formerly uninsured Americans under the umbrella of reliable health care. It’s a quantum leap forward that has bested both legislative and legal challenges.

Time will tell, won't it?  ObamaCare won't increase the supply, or decrease the demand, for doctors, nurses, pharmaceuticals or hospitals.  That's the only way to lower the cost.  Time will tell. 

• Of the two costly wars started during the Bush administration, one is over and the other winding down. Osama bin Laden and at least 14 other al-Qaida leaders are dead, and their terrorist network is in tatters. Meanwhile, Moammar Gadhafi, responsible for the deaths of more Americans than anyone except bin Laden, was deposed with U.S. help. Not since the fall of the Berlin Wall have the nation’s geopolitical fortunes improved so markedly.

And we're killing children in Pakistan and creating more terrorists in Libya.  Hillary is still wandering around off her leash. 

• That’s to say nothing of the president’s lower-profile victories: for women, who regained the right to seek legal redress for pay discrimination when Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law; and for the thousands of gay and lesbian Americans who won the right to serve their country without lying about who they are.

Barack Obama suddenly discovered that he's in favor of gay/lesbian equality about 6 months ago.  He's not going to be featured in the next issue of "Profiles In Courage". 
And there's no such thing as "Pay Discrimination".  There's the deal that you strike with someone who wants to purchase your labor.  No more, no less.  Lilly Ledbetter is a feast for lawyers.  No more, no less. 

On the strength of those achievements alone, Obama’s second four-year term ought to be a no-brainer. Most two-term presidents can’t claim to have gotten as much done.

Speaking of no-brainers, the superintendent of the Detroit Independent School District is borderline illiterate.  Go here for details.  47% of Detroit's adult population is functionally illiterate.  Go here for details. 

The country is safer. Its economy and its largest industry have been restored to health. And health care reform, fought out over 50 years in the U.S. Congress, has at last begun in earnest. When Republicans say pejoratively that Obama “can’t run on his record,” they’re peddling partisan nonsense and indulging a myopic fiction.

Well, Obama is running on his record.  People are buying the myth that he saved us from an economic meltdown, that he's improved the Middle East meltdown, and that he's "creating jobs.
He hasn't updated his stimulus report, as promised, for three quarters.   
It's truly insane, by any standard, but he's still running on his record.

The Free Press enthusiastically endorses Barack Hussein Obama for four more years as president.

The mind recoils. 
Folks, you can let Barack Obama do for the nation what the Democrats have done for Detroit....

\Or you can vote for someone who is almost the exact opposite. 
Gary Johnson for president !!!


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