Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guess which shipping company can't get me my stuff?

I've always bought a lot of books, but haven't purchased many at all online.  I like going to Half-Price Books and rummaging around to see if I can locate the titles on my search list.  The chase is almost as good as the capture.  Pointing and clicking on the Ebay, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon sites seems like cheating.  I spent about ten years in the (now dying) bookselling industry, and maybe I just like being surrounded by words and information and paper and book people. 

Plus, those of us with slightly addictive personalities can easily blow a fortune making online purchases. 

I got some B&N gift certificates for my birthday, and decided to pop that online cherry.  I bought four used books through their used and remaindered network.  And they are freakin' awesome!  Here's a picture:

But wait a minute, I can hear you all saying....those are only three books!  Whited, please tell us what happened with book #4?  (It's titled "Forty Centuries Of Wage And Price Controls", BTW.) 

The first three books shipped from bookstores in New Jersey, Arizona, and Connecticut on July 10th.  They went via UPS and FedEx small package, and I had all three of them in my sweaty little hands by July 16th. 

The fourth book didn't go via a private company, but went through other channels.  I've written B&N about it, and they politely stated that I should always give this particular company 10 working days (that's two weeks for the rest of us) to make a delivery.  Even in a case like this one where THE SHIPPER AND I ARE BOTH IN TEXAS !!!! 

Here it is July 23rd.  I really don't expect to see "Forty Centuries Of Wage And Price Controls" tomorrow. 

Is there any doubt in your mind who this Texas bookseller still uses for shipping?

Go here if you are very, very young, or if you just can't figure it out.   LOL. 

The picture I used at the link came from the "Think Progress" website.  LOL.  Again. 

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Harper said...

Ahhh, the curse of Media Mail. Cheap, but never there when you need it. My Aggie learned that the hard way when she ordered a textbook that never came.