Friday, July 26, 2013

Statist Bingo

I spend way too much of my life arguing with the servile, the subjugated, and the lovers of enslavement.  Sometimes in bars, sometimes on Facebook, and sometimes via email.  The only thing that keeps me going at it is a) knowing that I'm right, and b) that it eventually shuts down my opponents, and c) knowing that I'll never, ever convert these boot-lickers, but that I've converted TONS of bystanders to the discussion. 

I saw this thing on Reddit, and had to laugh.  I can't wait to use it.  Save this link.  If I could change something on this card, the "Free" space would read "You just want to ______"  (turn back the clock, put black people in chains, see children die, give lots of free stuff to rich people, or any of the other stuff Obama is currently doing.) 

My new goal is to get an Obamaphile to score 5 in a row.  Hey, it's not really a game if you don't keep score. 


Anonymous said...

Haha, they really are that predictable.

MingoV said...

Libertarian Bingo Choices

Move to France
You're mad the Democrat lost.
Everyone has the right to earn his own way.
Governments take money by force.

Taxation should be little and equal.
Invest in our future (via the free market).
Private contracts!
The current system sucks. Tear it down.
You hate the poor!

Cops should not be militarized.
Market destroyer!
Privately owned roads.
Socialism has failed in many countries.
You love big government.

Private businesses create jobs.
Do you think?
Left-wing beliefs are illogical.
Without free market capitalism we wouldn't have _____.

"Free" stuff from government isn't.
Most sheeple agree with you.
You are leeches on persons more talented than you.
Invest in businesses that build infrastructure.
You worship Obama.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Impressive stuff, Oh Mingo!