Saturday, November 17, 2007

How CNN blew the debate coverage

To begin with, Lou Dobbs was allowed to spew his huffy outrage for an entire hour before the debate began. You can read an outraged real-time response here.

Dick Morris, no stranger to The Clintons, had the best evaluation of CNN's coverage of The Democratic Presidential Debate. He's right about the treatment of Hillary. I haven't seen that many softballs since the last time I went to the batting cages.
RealClearPolitics - Articles - CNN Caves, But Clinton Will Still Struggle in Iowa
In the meantime, the world now knows who controls The Blitzer Manhood....

Photo is from Grouchy Old Cripple

I tried to do a real-time blog of the debates, but didn't note anything about Wulf Blitzer taking it easy with Hillary till here, sometime after the 2nd break. Blitzer asked if Clinton was too polarizing, and then just let it die....

I didn't catch that Bill Richardson was possibly given more mouth time, possibly because of his being the nice, let's not dogpile-advocate in the previous debate.

The other issue, which I've ranted about previously (in defense of Clinton), was the issue of canned questions....Questions from the audience that had a longer preamble than The Constitution. And these people were butchering the questions ! ! Stumbling and fumbling all over them....Does anyone actually think these folks were generating those questions on their own?
Addition on Saturday night, November 17th....various bloggers are looking at photos of the randomly selected audience members chosen by CNN to ask questions, and are determining that the Nevada debate had more "plants" than The Rain Forest.
And then Sunday morning, there's this little jewel, from The New York Holy Times, wondering why James Carville was allowed to pose as an impartial commentator.

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