Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Third Earliest Post on The Democratic Presidential Debates in Nevada

We came back to the debate in mid-question, and I have no idea what it was….Ok, it’s about Supreme Court Nominees. Dodd is answering. They’re going into the Ultimate Wedge Issue….Roe Vs. Wade. What will we ever talk about if they start dispensing The Pill from vending machines?
Biden: He’s presided over more Court Confirmations than anyone in History. Wants to appoint real people, not lawyers, professors, etc. Joseph Biden is Pro-Privacy.
Richardson: Roe Vs Wade boilerplate.
(This issue has become so overdone, that it’s not even a discussion anymore. It’s more like Shakespeare, and everyone knows their lines.)
Kucinich: He wants to be the healer in the White House, Living Wage, etc.
Clinton: Any nominee would have to share Hillary’s view on “Privacy”.
(Roe Vs. Wade was argued before the courts in terms of privacy, not right to life, or woman’s right to chose. That’s why it’s a weak law.)
Obama: He wouldn’t appoint anyone who doesn’t support The Right to Privacy.
Edwards: Boilerplate about Privacy. He brings up the Segregated South. He knows how important it is to have judges with backbone. (Edwards is making more sense as he goes along.)
New questioner: nothing seems to be getting better in the middle east, only worse. If elected, what message will you offer the whole country to see us through this period of transition?
Malveaux: Piggybacks on that to tweak Obama…
Obama: He didn’t slam Hillary, he just thinks he’s the better candidate. Differences should end at the water’s edge. Build schools in Mid-East. Talk to our enemies. He says some good things about Republicans.
Wulf to Hillary: Are you too polarizing?
Clinton: I want to be the President for all Americans. (I think Hillary’s people got to Wulf, and threatened to break his kneecaps if he didn’t throw softballs to Hillary.)
Biden: I’d start by ending the war. You have to gain respect in elected office. He’d include Republicans in his administration. He then goes through a roll call of his accomplishments in the Senate.
Richardson: We won’t be the World’s policeman, we’ll be the world’s conscience. Protect Israel, and make a Palestinian state.
Malveaux: Introduces a student, who asks Hillary….Do you prefer Diamonds or Pearls?
Clinton: I like both.
That line will be the only one consistently quoted from this entire debate.

This has been interesting. If you’re trying to type the basics of what each candidate says, it’s easier to tell who has something to say, and who is free-associating their talking points.
Obama and Edwards were booed when they tried to tag-team Hillary.
Hillary did a lot better. But you can’t tell from these debates why she should is the front-runner.
So if I had to pick one of these people to be President of The United States, who would I pick? Joseph Biden. Barack Obama as a close second.
Joseph Biden brings a lot of experience to the table. Good sense of humor. He comes across as a very trustworthy politician.
One day, not in 2008, but one day, Barack Obama will be President of The United States. If he was a stock, I’d buy it. Not because I agree with him on everything, Lord knows I don’t, but he’s incredibly smart and young enough to run again and again and again.

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