Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Second Earliest Post on The Democratic Presidential Debates in Nevada

Ok, everyone has had a rest room break.
This is the 2nd half of the debate.
Suzanne Malveaux is going to be moderating questions from undecided Democrats….
A Mother/Son are present. The Son has done 3 tours in Iraq, and gets a well-deserved standing O.
Everyone’s worried that we’re going to be in Iran. How is each candidate going to keep her son at home?
Biden: Don’t ratchet up the winds of war. Don’t do things that make the Muslim world think this is a war against Islam. Don’t go to war with Iran.
Clinton: Oppose a rush to war. There is no legal authority to attack Iran. Begin Negotiations. Get Everyone to The Table. Hillary says (truthfully) that the Revolutionary Guard is a terrorist group.
Edwards: Thanks Chris, The soldier. Stop Bush, Cheney, and The Neocons. They wanted the IRG declared a terrorist group. AND a proliferator of WMD’s
Obama: The IRG resolution said we should maintain forces in Iraq, AND keep an eye on Iran. We have to bring it to a close, and change our mindset. That’s what strong Presidents do.
Wulf: Barack, you weren’t there for the vote.
Obama: That’s what happens when you run for Pres.
Malveaux: Introduces a new questioner. Her son is making 30k, Corporate people are making 100K for going over there (like Jack Croddy would, if he only was forced to go.)
Richardson: He would pull out all contractors and residual forces within a year. Would keep all volunteer force. Increase military pay. Introduce a Heroes Health Card.
Malveaux: introduces a Racial Profiling questioner. What about American Civil Liberties harassment?
Edwards: Yes sir, your rights have been abused by the Patriot Act. Stop the illegal spying on the American People. Close Gitmo. (First sane thing I’ve heard Edwards say: we shouldn’t be debating what torture will be tolerated in the U.S.)
Kucinich: Gets a laugh by saying he voted against the Patriot Act Because he was the only one who read it. IMPEACH.
Biden: There’s nothing in the Patriot Act that says Racial Profiling is ok.
Malveaux: introduces an immigration question. The guy brings up Lou Dobbs B.S.
Richardson: Slams Kucinich for including him (as a governor) in Congressional votes. WE NEED TO STOP DEMONIZING IMMIGRANTS. Congress only funded half the “fence”. MEXICO: GIVE JOBS TO YOUR PEOPLE ! ! ! (Richardson just earned a lot of man points….)
Dodd: Answers the question in Espanol Brilliant. Dodd says it’s flawed to assume you have to give up rights to be safe.
Malveaux: question from a casino cashier. She has 8 grandchildren. Gets applause. The babyboomers are going to be retiring. Country has a deficit. She will have casino pension, but many people won’t have that. What do you plan to do to ensure that Social Security and Medicare will be intact?
Obama: 78 million baby boomers will be retiring. Get out of Iraq, and you’ll have the money. Don’t privatize. Adjust the cap on a payroll tax. Good answer. Medicare is a bigger problem because of inflation. We need a Universal Healthcare Plan.
Wulf: Hillary, why won’t you vote to raise the S.S. cap?
Clinton: I’m for fiscal responsibility. Bush inherited a budget surplus. It’s gone. We have a crisis. (Nobody wants to say that Social Security is an irresponsible Pyramid Scheme….)
Obama: only 6% of Americans make 90K per year. That ain’t the middle class. He accuses Hillary of playing with the numbers.
Clinton: There are people who would find a higher cap burdensome. (They’re going faster than I can type with their numbers and accusations. They’re going to take another break.) Clinton is doing much better. I thought for a minute that Obama was going to get in her face about Social Security, but he backed off. Joseph Biden remains the Democrat that I would want to see in The White House

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