Thursday, March 26, 2009

Videos For Tomorrow's Safety Meetings.

I've spent the last three weeks dealing with forklifts and pallet racks.
Here are some unh.... inspirational videos on both subjects. I'll use them for my employee safety meetings tomorrow.

You can safely skip to the .40 mark on this one, or, if you don't want to see a lot of beer wasted, skip it altogether.

I've twice seen drivers forget their mast is raised. I've never seen it make the lift go horizontal....

Here's a collection of horrific post-accident pictures:

And here's a collection of other videos:

Remember: Forklift safety is everyone's number one job ! !


Sew daze said...

Reminds me of the accidents that happened at your current place of employment...driving off of the end of the dock....and what was the accident at the wood shop?

Was it a forklift that loaded the wood into the 500 degree powder coat oven?

I guess it happens everywhere...

Make sure you point out all of the mis-spellings in Rick's presentation. He loves it when you do that.

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Well, those ranged from horrible to funny. The Evanescence song on the last one was a bit dramatic.

Big left turn. A few years ago that song was the feature song at our Easter service. It was very dramatic and cool. One oops moment... The female lead on our version forgot and said 'Darling' as per the original lyrics... effectively calling Jesus 'Darling'.

I like it when church has a little screamo music. Shakes things up a bit and weeds out the 'olds'.

Dr Ralph said...

True story:

Once, during the summer of my 18th year, I worked in a chemical plant/warehouse. I wore a blue shirt with my name on the pocket and rubber boots.

Among my other duties was driving a forklift (for which my training consisted of being handed a pair of keys and the admonition not to drive with my forks lifted).

I did fine all summer.

My thoughts were elsewhere on that last day before I headed back to school. Which is probably why I failed to notice, through the forks, the six inch steel pipe that supported a major portion of the roof load right in front of me.

The good news is the palette full of drums of pigment I was carrying absorbed a major part of the impact.

It was a bit of a mess...