Sunday, April 19, 2009

Andrew Ian Dodge, Dodgeblogium, and The Augusta, Maine, Tea Party

Here's my online/blogging/Facebook friend Andrew Ian Dodge on the failure of the Republicans to co-opt the Maine Tea Parties. Andrew personally sponsored the Augusta event.
Here's Andrew with an honest to goodness Fife player:

One of my favorite musician jokes.... "What do you call two piccolo players playing in unison? A minor third."
You either get that one, or you don't.
Here's a highlight reel from Andrew's event:

In his free time, Andrew does things like write novels, play heavy metal guitar, and write for Pajamas Media.


Andrew Ian Dodge said...

I wish I played heavy metal guitar...I sing & write lyrics, don't play any instruments...yet ;)

The Whited Sepulchre said...

My bad. I saw the instruments on your site, and made an assumption.
Just learn a G, C, and a D7, then buy a capo. You'll go far.